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PrivatBank again unable to capitalize

ПриватБанк могут снова докапитализироватьLitigation, procedure, bail-in may lead to the necessity of additional capitalization of PrivatBank from the state.

The litigation procedure for the forced conversion of liabilities related to the former owners of PrivatBank persons (bail-in) can lead to the need for additional capitalization of the Bank from the state.

This is evidenced by the data in the prospectus of Eurobonds of Ukraine.

“There is no guarantee that further capital injections will be needed to ensure the continuing commercial viability of the Bank and ensure the adequacy of capital PrivatBank”, – the document says.

It is also noted that constant legal issues associated with bail-in may result in additional expenses and capital requirements for the Bank.

“If we need additional capital from the state, it will further increase the burden on the financial resources of the Ukraine, and potentially lead to the expansion of the budget deficit”, – said in the document.

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