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Prison horrors in the launch trailer for the Inmates

At the mention of the phrase “horror game about prison” of the mind comes great “The Suffering” born in 2004, and along with him I remember the beginning of “Manhunt 2” (there was not a prison, a psychiatric hospital, but the essence is very similar). Now one more game to qualify for such Association – meet the trailer of horror “Inmates” from Iceberg Interactive, who gave us informed action “Killing Floor” and “Darkness Within”.

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In the story, the main character wakes up in a prison cell and don’t have a clue about how it turned out. But the nightmare is not only this staff and the other prisoners behave more than strange, and in General seem to be possessed by evil forces. Colors “Inmates” seems pretty reminiscent of the series “Silent Hill” – the same dark dark brown, the same rusty wall, the same giving pallid light of the lamp. In short, the game looks very tempting, so that you can safely add it to the wish list on the page in Steam and wait for the announcement of the release.

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