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Princess Diana: style icon in the UK. Photo

Принцесса Диана: икона стиля Великобритании. Фото The most significant appearances of Princess Diana.

Princess Diana was a style icon of the 20th century. Her clothes were always tailored to the place or event, and sometimes even performed unusual functions. For example, when the front pages of Newspapers were full of evidence of her husband’s treason, Diana wore a shocking little black dress and drove a cheating spouse in the Newspapers. On 24 February in London, at Kensington Palace, opens the exhibition “Diana: a history of fashion”. We will show a few outfits from this collection.

Designer Catherine Walker, 1986 – “Dress mermaid” - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Принцесса Диана: икона стиля Великобритании. Фото

Diana dubbed this outfit “my mermaid dress” – so much glitter. The dress was specially designed to sparkle under the rays of spotlights that accompanied Princess Diana everywhere, and to set off its natural beauty. In 1986 she was 25 years old, this dress was on it during official visit to Vienna.
Only years later it turned out that Diana had a affair with horse riding instructor – after Prince Charles resumed his longtime relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles. Hence, such a bright dress for women, hungry for love and cultivating confidence.
“Mermaid dress” was bought at auction an unidentified woman from Florida, and then, in 2013, sold it for £ 90,000.

Designer Catherine Walker, 1987 – “Dress disney Princess”

Принцесса Диана: икона стиля Великобритании. Фото

On this soft pink dress with long skirt in dreams, probably, in the childhood every girl. Classic dress for a fairy Princess! However, Diana does not look fragile or helpless.

The outfit was made for the official potrete of Diana and Charles in 1987. It was a delicate moment in the history of their marriage: both have gone through Affairs and Diana began to gain inner strength, which had not previously existed. She never played second fiddle, it was a woman who knows her worth and she wanted a dress that would match the beauty of the ceremonial ceremonial dress of Prince Charles.
The dress is so fond of her that she wore it for public appearances on four different occasions. The first time Diana appeared at the Berlin Opera house during an official visit to Germany in November 1987.

Designers Emanuel, 1981 – Blouse with pink ribbon

Принцесса Диана: икона стиля Великобритании. Фото

The famous portrait of Diana “engagement with Prince Charles”, was so, in truth, by accident. Diana came for a photo shoot for Vogue on “blooming beauty” and from a huge wardrobe picked this blouse with collar-ribbon. The shirt was created by then unknown designers couple (husband and wife) David and Elizabeth Emanuel. Fortunately for them – and for Vogue – the time of the publication in the light coincided with the announcement of the engagement of lady Diana Spencer and the Prince of Wales.

The image of a young and gentle girl loved by everyone and instantly these blouses came into fashion under the name “Lady Di”. Diana loved designers Emanuel that she asked them to make her wedding dress. In subsequent years she remained faithful to them, no matter what they tried on her to wear.

Atelier Versace, 1997 – fitting dress from Versace

Принцесса Диана: икона стиля Великобритании. Фото

Being the Princess of Wales, Diana kept the Royal tradition to wear only clothing made by British designers. But after her divorce from Prince Charles, Diana decided to experiment with international brands, because she was now independent and could afford it.

Принцесса Диана: икона стиля Великобритании. Фото

And like a Phoenix from the ashes, rose up in this slinky and richly embellished dress by Italian designer Gianni Versace. Such was Diana of 1997.

Designer Catherine Walker, 1987 – Gown of blue chiffon, a La grace Kelly

Принцесса Диана: икона стиля Великобритании. Фото

Diana loved going to the movies – mainly on the blockbusters and romantic comedies – and often go to the cinema on Kensington high Street, Samtavisi long scarf and hiding her eyes behind large dark glasses.

Sometimes in films she drew inspiration. Here is a dress of light blue chiffon inspired by the outfit grace Kelly in chuchkovskoi the 1955 film “to Catch a thief”.

In 1997 the dress was sold at auction for 47,000 pounds.

Designer Catherine Walker, 1990 – Gown of red velvet with embroidery

Принцесса Диана: икона стиля Великобритании. Фото

Diana knew what outfit will look good in photos – what corner or take off. This red velvet dress for the first time was on her at the premiere of “Steel magnolias” in 1990, and then the audience saw him again in 1992 during an official visit to South Korea.
The style of dress is quite interesting, and the embroidery is striking, therefore, the accessories (shoes and a small clutch) Diana chose the same color, not to distract the attention from the main one. We can say that this is another dress made especially “for the camera” and done very skillfully.

Regamus, 1979 – the Only long dress of Diana before the engagement with Prince Charles

Принцесса Диана: икона стиля Великобритании. Фото

Clothing brand Regamus was like mothers all aristocratic British families and their daughters-debutantes. And although the young lady Diana Spencer did not participate in any of the official ball for debutantes, she has also had a dress of this brand and she wore it to a ball at the family estate of the counts Spencer – Althorpe in 1979.

This outfit was one of three in the list of clothing belonging to Diana at the moment when she became engaged to Charles, and the rest of the clothes she borrowed from friends and acquaintances. She later recalled: “I Have literally had one long dress, one silk blouse, one decent pair of shoes and that’s it. Suddenly mom and I had to go shopping and buy a bunch of clothes.”

Very soon Diana realized that the frilly dress did not create the proper impression, but this dress stayed with her as a memory of youth, of freshness, femininity and innocence.

Designer Murray Arbeid, 1986 Dress in flamenco style

Принцесса Диана: икона стиля Великобритании. Фото

This outfit was amazingly powerful and provocative – and yet Princess Diana dared to wear it, and always with one red glove and one black. Gloves of different colors – it was already risky, what can we say about the ensemble as a whole.
Let’s not forget that although she was the Princess of Wales and mother of two children, at this point she was only 25 years old, and sometimes she wanted a bit to get freaky.

Designer Catherine Walker, 1997 – Dress in the style of “working mother”

Принцесса Диана: икона стиля Великобритании. Фото

This is another outfit from the “… post-divorce” Perida Diana’s life, when she was able to get away from the pretentious pomposity to simplicity and elegance. It’s like she knew that she needed to change the style of clothing, if she wants people start taking her seriously in her new capacity.

And she has developed a style that would suit an elegant woman, but not idle, but working and having a family, is based on simple dresses and jackets with the possibility to combine them with each other.

Specifically, this dress Diana never wore to a formal event, but it was on her, for example, walking the London store on bond street in 1997. The usual beautiful dress for everyday wear.

Designer Gina Fratini for Hartnell, 1990 – Asymmetric dress with one shoulder

Принцесса Диана: икона стиля Великобритании. Фото

Diana adored asymmetrical dress with one open shoulder, even when they went out of fashion. In the last years of her life with Prince Charles she acquired many of these dresses and feel as beautiful and desirable (by many, not husband). Besides, she knew that certain outfits will definitely cause discussion in the press, and she liked it.

The picture above is of Diana at an official reception in Rio de Janeiro in April 1991, and she is 30 years old.
This dress was sold at auction in 1997 for £ 50,000.

Designer Bill Pashley, 1981 – Tweed suit “for the honeymoon”

Принцесса Диана: икона стиля Великобритании. Фото

This costume was on Diana at the official photo shoot during their time with Charles honeymoon in the Scottish residence of Balmoral. It is noteworthy that these costumes she bought two but different sizes. One looser, put on the fresh air that it was freer to move or have fun shooting with your new husband.

Traditional English tweed in a small cell. Perhaps Diana was worried about how to fit into the Royal family and tried to fit English traditions in the choice of costume.

On your honeymoon she later recalled: “I Went to the Balmoral… Charles wanted the whole day to wander around the castle. According to him, the best entertainment would be to sit on the top of the highest hill… and read it aloud to me Jung. This plunged him into a state of blissful happiness.”

Diana, however, already at this point began to bitterly regret your decision to marry, belying the assurances of the Royal family that she can adapt and become Princess of Wales in just one day. In the end, she returned to London before, and there she had to seek help from a psychiatrist after threatening to cut my veins.

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