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Princess Beatrice is jealous of the popularity of Kate Middleton

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Princess Beatrice (Princess Beatrice), the eldest daughter of Andrew, Duke of York, second son of Queen Elizabeth II, and a cousin of princes William and Harry from the very beginning took a dislike to Kate Middleton. When Kate was not yet married to Prince William, Beatrice treated her arrogantly. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Princess Beatrice with her father Prince Andrew and her mother Sarah, Duchess of York
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By the way, while cousin Prince led a rather free way of life for the Princess. Beatrice along with her younger sister Eugenie were regulars at parties, whether in London or elsewhere in the world. Girls carefree time, because then they are expelled from the Royal Protocol and took the responsibilities of members of the Royal family. However, it was done, so they directed their energies to study. But Princess decided to literally “live like royalty”.

Princess Beatrice’s fiancé
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After the wedding Kate and William, Beatrice went into the background of attention of media and subjects that could not to anger the Princess.

Princess Beatrice with her younger sister Eugenie
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After graduating from the prestigious Goldsmiths College, University of London, Beatrice with a degree in design decided to do their business in Manhattan. Soon, however, returned to his native England. And now intends to reassert themselves.

Queen Elizabeth II
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As it became known, openly Beatrice jealous of Kate Middleton. “She looks at Kate and sees that the Duchess is all that Beatrice is entitled by birth: luxury clothes, cars, jewelry, bodyguards, and — most important — the love of others. Beatrice feels pushed aside,” — said the insider.

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Beatrice also annoying is that every step the Duchess of Cambridge is transformed into a vibrant newsworthy. According to Beatrice, the wife attention her cousin gets unfairly.

Kate Middleton

Kate, in turn, openly declared that is dissatisfied with the lifestyle of Beatrice and Eugenie who feel that their idleness is part of Royal life.

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