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Prigogine involved in culminating in the defeat of the attack by mercenaries in Syria – media

Пригожин причастен к завершившейся разгромом атаке наемников в Сирии, - СМИPrigogine Assad promised a “big surprise” at the beginning of February.

US intelligence reported involvement in oligarch Eugene Prigogine planning for the attack of Russian mercenaries on Syrian rebels near Deir ez-Zor, which ended in a complete defeat of Russians by American aircraft.

According to US intelligence Prigogine, who is known as “Putin’s cook”, in February, was in close contact with the Kremlin senior officials and representatives of the administration of Bashar al-Assad.

In intercepted messages at the end of January Prigogine said a senior Syrian official that he “received permission” from an unspecified Russian Minister to move forward with “fast and strong” initiative.

Prigogine also said that a “big surprise” for Assad, which will be known in early February. While Russia has promised that “everything will be paid”.

US intelligence believes that Prigogine is controlled by the Russian mercenaries private military company Wagner fighting in Syria on the side of Assad, as well as behind the Russian “trolls”

Representatives of US intelligence refused to comment on the publication Washington Post.

On 8 February, the media reported the death of the Russians near the Syrian Hasama in an attack by American aircraft on supporters of Assad.

Before striking the us military contacted the Russian, and they assured them that no Russians in the convoy of supporters of Bashar Assad, who at that time attacked the headquarters of the Syrian democratic forces, supported by the United States.

According to the media, the Russians lost worked for PMC Wagner, the existence of which the Russian authorities deny.

February 12, investigators from Conflict Intelligence Team called the names of five dead “vagnerova”, 13 Feb – three. In the message CIT noted that different sources call different the total number of deaths from 600 to 12-13.

February 13, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin had no information about Russian citizens who participate in fighting in Syria on the side of the Assad regime and are not military personnel of the armed forces.

He redirected the question to the Russian Ministry of defense.

At the same time, the Pentagon chief James Mattis said that he knew nothing about the presence among the victims were citizens of Russia.

On 20 February, the Russian foreign Ministry acknowledged the deaths of Russians during “the recent military clash” in Syria, but noted that it was not soldiers of the Russian army.

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