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Pride San Francisco: Museum of modern art. Photo

Гордость Сан-Франциско: музей современного искусства. ФотоThe facade of the new Museum was inspired by nature San Francisco, particularly its waters.

MoMA or Museum of Modern art, San Francisco was the first West coast Museum devoted entirely to contemporary works of art.

The Museum collection is housed in an iconic modern building. Founded in 1935, the Museum of modern art San Francisco (SFMoMA) was quite innovative for its time. Compete only with similar museums on the East coast, it gave residents and visitors the opportunity to consider the works of masters of the twentieth century. MoMA continues to be a showcase for the works of contemporary artists, both famous and obscure.

Гордость Сан-Франциско: музей современного искусства. Фото

Originally it was just Art Museum of San Francisco, and the word “modern” was added in 1975. For sixty years the Museum occupied the premises of the Memorial to Korean war Veterans in the administrative center of the city. In 1995 the Museum moved to its current location near Yerba Buena Gardens, and now takes visitors in a beautiful modern building designed by Swiss architect Mario Bottai. Mario is world famous for its outstanding geometric designs. The iconic building has huge circular window in the roof of the tower, illuminating the huge Central atrium below. The main feature of the building is a tower with combination of polished and rough canadian granite. They also decorated the first floor of atrium and columns.

Гордость Сан-Франциско: музей современного искусства. Фото

The interior area of 225,000 square feet in the first place attracts the attention of a Grand staircase that leads visitors to all five floors of galleries. Most of the galleries are lit by additional skylights, adding to the room’s brightness and airiness. Additional open gallery — opened in 2009, the rooftop garden with a separate entrance from the gallery of the fifth floor. C 2016 is the extension of the Museum. Will open a new building at 235,000 square feet, designed by Snohetta. The expansion will double the available exhibition space. The new building will also be a terrace sculpture and so now fashionable vertical garden. With this addition, the Museum will join the list of the most popular attractions in San Francisco.

Гордость Сан-Франциско: музей современного искусства. Фото

The Museum collection MoMA
In the Museum of Modern art San Francisco there are a large number of works by American artists as well as a splendid selection of masterpieces of Mexican and European Art, the Museum is known primarily for the large number of expressionism, but also covers numerous other styles, including Fauvism, surrealism and fine art. Among some of the most famous artists are highlighted Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Diego Rivera, Henri Matisse and Andy Warhol. The collection includes more than 26,000 works, including photographs, paintings, sculpture, architecture, design elements and media art. In addition to the permanent exhibitions, there are temporary and demonstration of art objects from different countries.

Гордость Сан-Франциско: музей современного искусства. Фото
Гордость Сан-Франциско: музей современного искусства. Фото

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