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Prices in Ukraine: what products are most expensive

Цены в Украине: какие продукты больше всего подорожалиLeaders rise in price over the years of meat and dairy products.

Over the year in Ukraine, prices have increased on most food items.

It is reported by the head of the Association of retailers of Ukraine Oleksiy Doroshenko in Facebook.

Over the past year, prices in Ukraine grew most of the food, said A. Doroshenko.

“Leaders rise in price, according to price dynamics as at 20 March 2017, compared to 21 March 2016 will undoubtedly become dairy products and meat,” – says the expert.

According to the analyst, dairy products increased in price from 20% to 26%. Butter added to 36.4 UAH per kilogram, cheese and 18.2 UAH, sour cream –11,3 UAH kaloko – 4 UAH.

“Beef has become more expensive by 13.4 UAH per kilogram, pork – 9.5 UAH and chicken – 4,8 UAH. Black social bread added to the cost of 1.6 UAH, and white – 1,45 UAH. The flour has risen by 80 kopecks., rice – by 90 kopecks, eggs – by 2.1 UAH per dozen, potatoes – at UAH 1, sugar – 1.7 UAH, sunflower oil – by 2.3 UAH per liter,” – he said.

However, the expert drew attention to the fact that some products are cheaper since March last year.

“Among these products, the cheaper vegetables, namely carrots, which decreased by 6.60 UAH for kg, cabbage – 5.9 UAH, Buryak – 4.2 UAH and onion – by 4.7 UAH. Fat also has fallen in price on 1,35 UAH per kilogram” – lists A. Doroshenko.

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