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Price shock: the Ukrainians warned of the serious rise in price of products

Ценовой шок: украинцев предупредили о серьезном подорожании продуктов The experts made the unfavorable forecast for the prices of the products in Ukraine.

Already soon Ukrainians should expect a serious price increase. Sorry for such a forecast was made by financial expert Alex Kush.

He explained that inflationary pressures were more visible in the spring and it was then that the national Bank had to introduce a rate increase.

“It should have been this spring. But then Valeria Gontareva wanted to go on the wave of lower interest rates head up. Although already in April-may, it was evident the serious inflation that occurred in the country,” says Kusch.

Also, according to the expert, even then, it should raise interest rates at least half a percentage point and not to interfere with the market to strengthen the hryvnia.

Another factor is that prices will go up is to increase social standards.

“While inflation we have always been in tandem with the devaluation, so worth the wait and the devaluation of the national currency,” – said Kusch.

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