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Previously, these professors – historians raped their Homeland, now they rape their students

Professor brutally murdered Anastasia Yeshchenko, defended sexual relations of teachers with pupils


Раньше подобные профессора- историки насиловали Родину, теперь они насилуют своих учениц

Another Professor-a pervert, a colleague Professor of the St. Petersburg-dismantler Oleg Sokolov – doctor of historical Sciences, Professor, Institute of history, St. Petersburg state University, laureate of the St. Petersburg state University “For fundamental achievements in research” Pavel Krotov, Director of SIC “Menshikov Institute” and the teacher brutally murdered Anastasia Yeshchenko, spoke at the bi-Bi-si with the propaganda of sexual relations of teachers with pupils. Here’s what he said:

“When they get married professors on the students of the same specialty, they have, as a rule, the same education, interests, values. It was always the case, common, but common only among highly educated people.

People to wider masses, it is not clear, and may never be clear… Now it is people’s mindset prevails, most people believe that it is unhealthy manifestations. This is mass psychology.

But there is a group — a narrow class of highly educated people who think differently than the mass. These people believe that happiness can be achieved with a large difference in age… I’m all three times married students and their students. For the first time in 30 years, now here for the third time. I’m 58 years old… the age Difference of 33 years my wife. The second was the difference for 21 years, the first 13. The first age was 18 years old, the second 19, the third now 24 years,” said moles.

It is noteworthy, as it strongly belong to the caste of the chosen – a narrow stratum of highly educated people! Like, you, cattle, do not understand!

Isn’t it time in Russia, as in all civilized countries, like France, USA, etc. to adopt a law that encroached a rotten Professor-a pervert in honor of disenfranchised students, from the departure from the University without right of teaching for life?

Drive them all – such professors and associate professors to sleep in boxes under a bridge somewhere in California! Long overdue a total re-evaluation of the entire teaching staff of Universities. Each pass through the filter. Obviously no criminal records, no RISC of a positive effect do not give, on the contrary, is decomposed.

Previously, these professors – historians raped their Homeland, now they rape their students! Lustration!

doctor of psychology Valery Rozanov

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