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Prevention of stroke: doctors shared a list of simple rules

Профилактика инсульта: врачи поделились списком простых правил Following these recommendations can save lives.

To avoid a stroke, the physicians are advised to adhere to certain rules. Guarantee hypertension is considered high blood pressure.

It is for this reason, you should constantly to control it, even if not as such external manifestations. In addition, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of alcoholic beverages, coffee and salt.

Heart disease may be congenital, it is therefore essential to prevent problems with that organ. This can help regular check-UPS, allowing to identify the disease at an early stage.

You will need to “work” on lowering cholesterol: diets with moderate fat intake, normal fiznagruzki, and sometimes options for medical assistance.

Risk factors include obesity, because the fats in the blood are deposited on the walls of blood vessels, leading to their narrowing.

Diabetes should also be under control. We are talking about the control of food intake, weight management, and possibly taking medications that maintain proper blood sugar levels.

Dangerous disorders of the heart and vessels are threatened by Smoking, and therefore should be discontinued.

One last tip – manage stress, because mental overexertion can lead to acute violation of cerebral circulation.

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