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Prevention of gastritis: nutrition tips

Профилактика гастрита: советы по питаниюEvery man need a full Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Gastritis – the defeat of the gastric mucosa inflammatory nature, which occurs as a result of exposure to the different stimuli.

In its formation and the transition to the chronic form of neuro-psychic, endocrine and hereditary constitutional factors, microorganisms, drug effects and food allergies, feeding disorders, etc.

The most important role in the prevention of gastritis play an arrangement of proper and rational nutrition, personal hygiene, timely detection and elimination of foci of infection, combating Smoking and abuse of alcoholic beverages.

That the stomach worked without crashing, try in your diet to follow the basic rules.

Eating should always be in the same hours. While eating, try to put aside all their Affairs. It should be easy to eat, and food should be fun.

– The number of food intake should be moderate. Try not to overeat. Malnutrition is also harmful for the body.

– Food should be varied. Often include in your diet fresh fruits and vegetables.

– Do not eat hastily, hasty, on-the-go is very bad for digestion.

– Do not eat fast food. They are saturated fats, which are poorly digested and retained in the stomach.

– Make sure that the food contained sufficient amounts of vitamins, especially A, C, D and group B.

– Try not to use too much table salt: excess salt contributes to the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach.

– Avoid high-calorie and fatty foods. Also harmful great sugar consumption.

– Limit in your diet spices, spicy seasonings and sauces. Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages.

– Food should not be excessively hot or cold. Useful for the stomach of warm food, it is easier and better to digest.

– Observe the rules of hygiene at the table. Always wash your hands before eating. Utensils should be clean and the table nicely laid. A pleasant environment contributes to a better digestion.

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