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Prevention of athlete’s foot

Меры профилактики грибка стопThe doctors told how to protect your feet from fungus infection.

Even the most clean person has a chance of catching athlete’s foot. For skin lesions with fungus with just a few seconds of contact with the surface on which the fungus lives. Most often these surfaces are floors in saunas, showers, pools, and also someone else’s home and everyday shoes.

The fungus gets deep under the skin of the feet and begins to destroy it from the inside, capturing and the area of the nail plate. People who have a fungus, try to hide your feet from others, as their feet and nails look extremely aesthetically pleasing. If you do not try to promptly expel the fungal infection in the future to get rid of it would be virtually impossible.

Protected from fungus stop only those who can boast of a strong immune system, and this is one. The immune system when it works properly, easily destroys the infection, not allowing microorganisms to multiply and to cause harm to the body and health in General.

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The main measures of prevention of athlete’s foot:

1. To protect yourself from people who already have the fungus. Often, native people living under one roof, I see nothing wrong in the fact that someone in the household hard fights fungus. They use the same towels for taking a bath and a shower one after another, sleep in the same bed and so on. In fact, close contact with an infected person should be avoided, even if he is the closest.

2. In places such as bath, sauna, shower, swimming pool, etc., visited by a huge number of people, you should always wear rubber Slippers on his feet, otherwise the infection fungal infection can not be avoided.

3. Use only your towel and it is desirable that for the legs and face, you were different towels.

4. Do not buy shoes that were previously worn by someone else, and not to continue wearing it for someone close to you. This applies to second-hand, as well as purchasing pre-owned shoes. You can not know, whether suffered previous owner of the shoes the athlete’s foot or not?

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5. To visit with their Slippers. This phenomenon is considered quite normal in the circle cleanly people. There is not even a question about trust and respect, because the fungus will not choose, in whose footsteps it to develop.

6. To follow their footsteps, so they do not excessively sweating, as the sweat is a unique and favorable environment for fungi. You need to choose the socks and tights made of natural fabrics that “breathe” and not allow build up a sweat.

7. To buy shoes made of natural leather or suede. Moreover, in the modern footwear technology is used microcirculation of air and not without reason, because in this way you can protect the feet excessive sweating and fungal infections including.

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