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Prevent cancer: five tips from oncologists

Профилактика рака: пять советов от онкологовHealthy nutrition and sports – pledge of longevity.

Cancer — a disease largely associated with lifestyle. Therefore, for the prevention of this insidious disease can only change your habits: eat healthy food (and not eat junk), to engage in certain types of sports, avoid stress and improve immunity.

Don’t eat red meat

Scientists from the National cancer Institute (USA) conducted a large study that found how eating red meat affects the mortality of various diseases, including cancer.

The researchers involved in the analysis of 537 thousand people. All of them were interviewed on the topic of eating habits — in particular, how much red meat (pork, beef, lamb) and white meat (chicken, Turkey and fish) they eat.

Participants were then divided into five groups depending on the amount of red meat in the diet. The fifth group consumed approximately seven times more red meat than the first, in all five groups, the participants ate about the same amount of white meat.

It turned out that the group’s most notorious meat eaters, the risk of dying from cancer is 30% higher than those who prefer poultry and fish. Least of all was ill with cancer, people who ate red meat three times less than white.

Conclusion: if you have chicken and fish five to six times a week and red meat once or twice a week, there is a chance to significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

However it should be noted that meat eaters are more likely to smoke, doing less exercise, not eating enough vegetables. So it is difficult to accurately assess whether the cancer is to blame for red meat, as well as — related habits.

Commute to work by bike

In our climate the whole year is difficult, but it works.

British scientists studied 260 thousand people: they knew how these people get to work, and then watched how many of them will get cancer.

It turned out that the group of cyclists the risk of cancer is 20% lower compared to people who commute by metro or car.

But walking is not an alternative: those who went to work on foot, was sick with cancer as frequently as motorists and supporters of public transport.

Do yoga and meditate

It’s not just relaxing — such a practice change response to stress at the gene level, which ultimately protects against many diseases, including cancer.

Scientists from the UK and the Netherlands analyzed 18 studies in which more than 800 people did yoga, meditation and other similar practices (tai Chi, qigong). In these studies, the experimenters observed whether the practice changes the person on a genetic level.

Was changes: fans of yoga and meditation for stress less activated genes responsible for the release of cytokines — proteins that trigger the body’s inflammatory response.

A normal person under constant stress in the body all the time cytokines are released, and he lives with a chronic inflammation. The yogi, everything is different — they are much less likely to collide with inflammatory response under stress.

How it is related to cancer? It’s simple: chronic inflammation is one of the causes of the cancer disease.

And if we avoid stress in our rhythm of life is quite difficult, with the help of yoga and meditation can at least minimize its harmful effects on the body, and hence reduce the risk of cancer.

There are tomatoes and broccoli

Tomatoes have long considered an effective tool for cancer prevention. Previously, scientists thought that its effect tomatoes owe the substance lycopene which is an antioxidant. But it turned out that it’s a little complicated and is best contained in tomatoes are substances in the complex.

This is checked by Italian scientists. They worked extract of tomatoes on tumor cells that occurs in cancer of the stomach. It was found that this extract stops the growth of tumor cells, and does not allow them to migrate, and thus prevents the formation of metastases.

Scientists recommend eating tomatoes for the prevention of gastric cancer and the combined therapy in the treatment of the disease.

And broccoli in the diet reduces the risk of prostate cancer, brain cancer, lung and rectum. All thanks to the substance sulforaphane, which affects the body on a genetic level.

Scientists have found that high activity of the gene LINC01116 cancer cells start to divide and form a colony and they later turn into tumors.

Sulforaphane, contained in broccoli, deactivates the gene LINC01116. Then the probability that cancer cells can form a tumor, reduced four times!

Now scientists are working to create new drugs on the basis of sulforaphane. And while it may be advisable to make broccoli a regular part of your diet — this will be the prevention of several types of cancer.

No Smoking “light” cigarettes

For cancer prevention, of course, better not to smoke at all — cigarettes increase the risk of lung cancer 15 times. But if you smoke and are unable to cope with the habit, choose a regular cigarettes, not so-called “light”.

“Light” cigarettes contain the filter ventilation. Initially, when these cigarettes only invented, it was assumed that they would be less harmful. But practice and further studies have shown “light” cigarettes are even more harmful than usual!

Doctors and scientists have paid attention to “light” cigarettes because the growth of their sales has coincided with rising cases of adenocarcinoma — the most common form of lung cancer.

Peter shields, one of the authors of the study on “light” cigarettes and cancer, says: the tobacco in cigarettes with ventilated filter burns differently than regular cigarettes, creating more carcinogens. But the design of this filter allows you to make great inhaling — the smoke penetrates deeper into the lungs, just where is normally formed adenocarcinoma.

While scientists advocate a ban of filter ventilation, cigarette smokers should carefully read the information on the packaging and to choose cigarettes with a filter.

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