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Prettier Svetlana Permyakova is preparing to marry again

Last week actress Svetlana Permyakova turned 45 years old. As it turned out, the actress is preparing to marry again!

Today’s my birthday! I’m 45! I am very happy to date! Thank you all for the congratulations! Wonderful day??

A post shared by Svetlana Permyakova (@s_permyakova) on Feb 17, 2017 at 2:08am PST

In an interview the star talked about his new chosen one. Even in the summer, Svetlana admitted that once again fell in love, but those feelings remain in the past and now she had met a new man that may be going soon to get married.

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“With Sasha, we met at New year. But don’t laugh. In the theater. A friend dragged him to the show. He’s a grown man, three years older than me. Responsible. What’s there to explain he’s in the army. Sasha was not afraid to approach, to Express admiration and to invite to dinner. I agreed. Perhaps that was careless. But had begun to feel some kind of sympathy. Glad this man appeared in my life. Because I’m really busy, he too, fails to reach even a candy-bouquet period. All telephone conversations. Happen, meet for coffee or lunch… Some of the things Sasha still does not feel the need to hint. Tell him about Valentine’s Day. He begins to think, like, something gotta give, how to surprise. I confess: “I would be pleased”. And the man from his uniform and charters depart, is not averse to arrange, for example, a romantic dinner with flowers,” shared Frank’s story Svetlana.

Recall that before the New year Svetlana Permyakova ventured for a change of image and incredibly beautiful that could not go unnoticed by her fans.

Светлана Пермякова

Светлана Пермякова с дочкой

Светлана с дочкой и Максим Скрябин

Светлана с дочкой


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