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Prestigio Wize 3418 4G: tablet with a very fast Internet inside

The model range of tablet computers, the company Prestigio, relevant for the Russian market, supplemented with an inexpensive model 3418 Wize 4G advanced for its price range functionality. On the one hand, this is a classic tablet for recreation and entertainment, but on the other hand, it has a number of features, one of which resulted directly in the title.

The tablet supports cellular network 4G, whereas among low-end phones found in best 3G, if not we have to settle for only one WI-FI. Theoretically this gives the possibility to count on high speed mobile Internet almost anywhere in the world, and, moreover, for quite sane money – the average price for Yandex.The market is 4200 rubles.

But is it good Prestigio Wize 3418 4G as it may seem at first glance? Today this gadget in our test, so proceed to its review.



In any case, the Prestigio Wize 3418 4G, executed with observance of all traditions in this brand, and this applies to both material and color: medium density cardboard painted in white with red elements and black shades. On the package above, you can see detailed images of the tablet, which is good – we can immediately evaluate the design, without having to decompress or appeal to the search engines.

Bottom a lot of text, of which only the first quarter – a list of characteristics and main advantages of the model, what’s inside the box. A list of the hardware specs just in case are duplicated in English.



Because Prestigio Wize 3418 4G tablet is very budget (at current exchange rate it costs less than $100), then in the box it can not be a priori any additional accessories. There is only the most necessary, without which to buy this computer is unlikely – the company’s experience Wileyfox is the perfect proof of that.

Gadgets Wileyfox mostly come even without the charger, while the Prestigio Wize 3418 4G charge is still there, as well as data cable with microUSB connector. Also in the box put in enough informative the manual and the list of accessories of the computer ends. In our personal opinion, he could do with a cheap case with stand, but, apparently, when setting prices for the producer fought for every ruble. Well, non – critical, stand can be ordered on AliExpress. But there is a protective film on the front panel, which the manufacturer has carefully struck on their own.



Once again, we note the identity Prestigio Wize 3418 4G to the initial price range, to avoid any issues about the lack of a functional. The list of characteristics we have discovered on the box and on the official website, plus a much shortened version in the complete instruction.

– screen: 8 inches IPS, 1280×800 dots;

– processor: MediaTek MT8735B, 4 core, 1 GHz;

– communication modules: GPS, FM, Bluetooth 4.0, WI-FI 802.11 n, GSM, 3G, 4G;

interfaces: microUSB 2.0, microSD, 3.5 mm, 1хЅІМ;

– memory: 1 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, microSD up to 32GB;

camera: main 5 MP, front 2 MP;

– battery: built-in, lithium-polymer, 4200 mAh;

– housing: plastic, black;

– operating system: Google Android 6.0, the interface Material UI;

– dimensions: 206х123х10 millimeters;

– weight: 363 grams.


Among all the above, it is necessary to pay attention to the internal memory and the availability of GPS. The latter turns the tablet into a car Navigator, and built-in memory is 16 GB, while the nearest competitor the module installed 8 GB.



The exterior of the tablet Prestigio Wize 3418 4G is made by the classical scheme: black color plastic housing, wide screen frame, a bit of chrome on the edging of the camera and back panel with contrast white signatures next to each interface and each button. Minimalism in its purest form, making the computer visually more expensive it does not have a single design element inherent in available tablets.

The front panel is almost all given over to the display, but the front of the tablet is very similar to the smartphone through the elements and a bit of a stretched screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9: on display are the earpiece and front camera, and below, almost in the corner on the left, is barely noticeable microphone.

Rear, in addition to company logo and other inscriptions is the main speaker on the bottom left and the main camera without a flash. Directly above it is a small size plastic cover under which the hidden slots for SIM-card and microSD storage.

Further, on the bottom and on the left side of the case any elements are missing, and the entrance under the headphones and microUSB are placed on the upper face. The volume buttons and the inclusion is placed on the right side.


Ergonomics and build quality

Housing Prestigio Wize 3418 4G has a nice softish to the touch a rough surface, which it very comfortable to hold in hands. Unfortunately, it tends to accumulate fingerprints and is cleaned with great difficulty, so wet wipes it is better to keep on hand.

The laptop weight is not felt almost under any circumstances, and it is quite possible to hold with one hand, although using both hands greatly improves the comfort of operation. All the control buttons are located on traditional for Android, but the touch buttons under the screen they were made virtual and brought to the screen, the benefit that at 8 inches, they take up very little space.

During operation, the computer is prone to significant, but not critical to heating, which is especially noticeable when watching streaming video in computer games with the worst graphics tablet is heated to a lesser degree.

Build quality is the maximum rating of the tablet can not deliver. At first it seems solid, but gradually, in the process of operation, you begin to experience a slight creak in the center of the plastic cover on the microSD and SIM. The computer case also does not pass test rolling, is also starting to make squeaks, but to bend it have failed – in this regard everything is fine.



In Prestigio Wize 4G 3418 declared display on the matrix IPS, and its main advantages over TN in a very budget devices is improved color rendering and viewing angles of 178 degrees. Both of these parameters are present in the model, except that the angles are all not very smoothly black shade fade is relatively strong, but in General the image is quite distinct. According to the transmission quality flowers no complaints.

The tablet screen is not enough brightness in the sunlight, it fades completely, without the slightest opportunity to see what is displayed on it in a given time. But then you need to make allowances for the low price of the device, so everything is quite logical.

But there is no display of grit inherent in 90% of all budget smartphones: pixel not visible, the picture and the icons don’t fall apart, despite the density of 160 ppi. The sensor layer detects up to five simultaneous touches and, in General, adequately respond to touch.



In Prestigio Wize 3418 4G integrated only one main speaker placed in the lower left corner of the back panel. In this situation it is quite difficult to close hand, but if the computer is on the table, the sound becomes much quieter. By default, the volume of the tablet is at par with other models for the same price, but in the engineering menu it is possible to achieve a higher volume without much effort.

Computer microphone, we assessed three points out of a possible five for the mean response. In this he is not protected from wind and extraneous noise. Speaker, on the contrary, pleased: the interlocutor can hear very well even with high levels of external noise.


Surprisingly, the camera Prestigio Wize 3418 4G work very fast: the image on the screen does not lag behind the movements of the computer in space. Cameras interface standard for Android 6, change it.

And front and main camera is equally good (based on the price of the device, of course) shoot in bright natural light, and when light bulbs start to lose detail and gain noise. In low light they are generally better not to use the noise becomes even more besides, the main camera has no flash. The capabilities of the tablet, in this respect, more than enough to quickly take a picture or to hold a conversation in Skype.


Software and memory

Prestigio Wize 3418 4G by default runs on OS Google Android 6.0 with a basic interface Matetial UI. In a full-time embedded firmware 9 third-party software, including proprietary application store from the most Prestigio MultiStore and aggregator AppsPress – it will spam labels for a variety of utilities from Google Play until you delete it. Without rooting you can erase almost all extraneous applications and do root can be obtained by using KingRoot but it will also void the warranty.

After the first boot and before removing the trash ON the tablet 513 MB of RAM of 1 GB, and with built-in memory capacity of 16 GB, the user can expect to 10.3 GB. According to our estimates, this is very bad for the entry-level tablet.



The computer is not positioned as a gaming professional or mobile gadget: this mainstreme device for Internet, video, social networking, and occasionally working with documents and e-mail. On the subject of productivity Prestigio Wize 3418 4G was tested in three benchmarks – AnTuTu, Quadrant Standard and GeekBench, and the last two good things about his CPU and AnTuTu CPU earned a lot of points.

Overall rating of tablet after test are: GeekBench gave him 446 and 1214 points in single-core and multi-core modes, respectively, AnTuTu was generous to 23268 points, and Quadrant Standard computer 11237 earned points. For computer price of 4200 rubles a truly great result.


Work offline

The tablet is built-in battery capacity of 4200 mAh, not the smallest but not the biggest for computers with 8-inch screen. However, this model is very well balanced, and the energy it consumes battery quite slowly.

We did two tests – the first after the first run with all stock programs, and the second is after removal of debris and several charge cycles. The results differ greatly, so it is strongly recommended to ruthlessly get rid of pre-installed software, especially because of their usefulness for most users tends to zero.

So, in the first test the tablet lived 1.5 days in the mode it tablet and with average use. Internet connect only through Wi-Fi, and the main emphasis was on games and streaming video. Uninstall apps light battery calibration did the trick: on a single charge Prestigio Wize 4G 3418 lived a little more than 2 days. “Sleeping” the computer good: at night when you turn off Wi-Fi and free memory it consumes 2-3% of the charge.


Work in 4G networks

Objectively evaluate the performance of any device in cellular networks is absolutely not possible due to the large number influencing the final grade factors. In our case, Prestigio Wize 3418 4G confidently connected to the networks of the fourth generation from the Big three, without any complaints, but a higher speed demonstrated purely in the network of Beeline. Probably, simply affected the location of the closest base stations of the operator.



Prestigio Wize 3418 4G proved itself as a very good budget tablet that can replace a smartphone. For the price of the solution is more than interesting, especially if you have a large amount of internal memory and connectivity for fast mobile Internet via LTE. He lacks just a little bit more interesting picking and more loud main speaker – the rest of the tablet is very good, but, again, for its price.


Pros Prestigio Wize 3418 4G

– modern OS;

– support of cellular networks 4G;

– good autonomy;

– a large amount of ROM;

– ability to work as a smartphone.


Cons Prestigio Wize 3418 4G

– sparse equipment;

– the presence of pre-installed third-party software.

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