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Presidential elections in Russia: observers infringement claim

Выборы президента в России: наблюдатели заявляют о нарушенияхViolations noted by many and in different regions.

Independent observers state that numerous irregularities in the elections of the President of Russia, which take place on Sunday, March 18, 2018. About it reports DW.

Provided that the headquarters of opposition politician Alexei Navalny, who was denied registration as a presidential candidate, attracted more than 33 thousand observers. They began to record violations from the beginning of the voting, noting that the most typical of them is the transportation of people machines for mass voting.

“With each hour comes more and more information about the violations,” said a leading Youtube channel “Bulk LIVE”, who live monitor the elections.

In particular, they show a video where one of the PEC in the Moscow region bus brought employees of Regardie. In turn, the human rights movement “the Voice” reports on violations, including the mass transportation of voters, unlawful agitation, not allowing observers at polling, the use of administrative resources to increase voter turnout.

In particular, in Moscow at polling station №803 “nearest factory” was brought to 486 people, and the PEC №1761 of the city of Sergach in Nizhny Novgorod region a poster calling to vote for Vladimir Putin. Many observers and Commission members from candidates Ksenia Sobchak, Pavel Grudinina and Grigory Yavlinsky are not allowed on the PEC on the grounds that, as a rule, the fact that the observer from this candidate is already registered, say human rights activists.

The number of PECs lure voters free food, a fair of products at reduced prices (in particular, in Khabarovsk or Khabarovsk region), coupons for a discount (for example, in the Moscow district of Lyublino) or even a blood cancer. Documented violations in Russia-annexed Crimea, elections in which Ukraine and the EU consider illegal.

On the eve of the “Crimean human rights group” reported, citing sources, that the heads of several large enterprises Kerch, which employ more than 100 employees, “obliged to ensure the attendance of their subordinates in the election.”

In addition, one employee from the budget enterprises in the city told human rights defenders that he and his colleagues were told to call the Manager after they vote. And in several schools of Kerch and Simferopol at the parents ‘ meeting spoke of the need to go to the polls in order to “do their civic duty”.

Parents of children of one of the Simferopol schools even asked to “report” on voting by messenger, Viber, say human rights activists.

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