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Presents an updated virtual reality headset HTC Vive Pro

Представлена обновленная гарнитура виртуальной реальности HTC Vive ProAlong with HTC Vive Pro debut and accessory Vive Wireless Adapter.

Exhibition of electronics CES 2018 for HTC company promises to be a advertising platform for innovative solutions in the field of virtual reality. The Taiwanese manufacturer is firmly established in the VR-segment, occupying a leading position, thanks to the virtual reality helmet Vive. Hence the desire HTC to actively develop this direction, eliminating the revealed shortcomings and gradually improving the technical part of a proprietary VR headset. But to expect developers from HTC truly interesting and competitive mobile innovations at the event in Las Vegas is not worth it. Against the background of successful sales of the VR gadgets responsible for the release of the smartphone unit is in extreme distress, as evidenced by the financial result of 2017 with the lowest in 13 years revenue.

HTC, by deploying their booths during CES 2018, has presented at once two pleasant surprise. They were an updated version of Vive helmet, dubbed the Vivo Pro and Vive Wireless adapter. Headset HTC Vive virtual Pro is an improved version of the familiar slam of the HTC Vive, which has been modified by the manufacturer in three major areas. So, the HTC Vive Pro acquired with two cameras, mounted in the front part of the device housing. Their intended purpose — to empower content developers. It is not excluded that we are talking about the introduction of elements of augmented reality and quick way to switch from the virtual space into the natural environment at the expense of native cameras. In addition, the VR system now comes with regular headphones of built into the design, and dual microphones with active noise cancellation.

The creators of the HTC Vive Pro carefully approached the issue of load distribution on the user’s head. For this they were corrected balance device, which is aimed at improving comfort during long-term operation of the gadget. Modernisation has not bypassed a key aspect of the VR headset — its OLED displays, the resolution of which increased from the previous 2160 × 1200 pixels resolution up to 2880 × 1600 pixels.

“Many improvements will be noticed immediately, but they will make use of the headset even brighter and nicer”, — assured the representatives of HTC.

The timing of release and cost of the virtual reality helmet HTC Vive Pro remained without publicity by officials.

“Vive Pro is not intended to replace or displace existing Vive. Both handsets will be available for purchase throughout 2018”, — the developers promise to us.

Along with HTC Vive Pro debut and accessory Vive Wireless Adapter, whose task will be to ensure wireless connection with PC helmet and Vivo Vive Pro. Aside cables that prevent full immersion in an infinite digital worlds, will succeed at the expense of Intel WiGig. Connection frequency range in 60 GHz allows to achieve an acceptable level of performance and minimize the response time for some action.

Worldwide sales of Vive Wireless adapter will start tentatively in the third quarter of 2018.

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