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Presenter of the First channel revealed terrible information about coronavirus in Moscow

Ведущая Первого канала раскрыла жуткие данные о коронавирусе в Москве

According to Ksenia Sobchak, the authorities hide the real statistics on the incidence in our country

38-year-old presenter of the First channel, socialite Ksenia Sobchak revealed scary data about the presence of cases of the virus COVID-19 in Moscow. According to “blondes in chocolate” doctors deliberately do not register patients with this diagnosis, because the authorities are afraid of panic. Ex-leading “House-2” believes that this is why in Russia cannot be tested for the presence of a terrible disease.


“I’m sure the coronavirus we have in Moscow, elsewhere. It stupidly did not register because they fear panic. Well, a man died from the flu — this also happens… and Therefore cannot be tested for the coronavirus in Russia just so — just so there was no panic,” wrote the presenter.

We will add that officially confirmed the presence in Russia of only two cases has raised questions in the blogosphere. So, Twitter user Natasha Gryaznevich asks the question: how can it be that the 5 million Danish three case, 9-million Israel — seven, in Finland — three of the 147-million-strong Russia, which also borders China, only two?

“Because diagnosis requires the skills of doctors and laboratory diagnostic facilities. And in Russia, medicine is almost destroyed. Analyses — paid. Instrumental examinations are paid. To analyze the results of surveys no one. So dying, it is not clear from what,” suggested another commenter.

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