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Presented a new shooter from the developers of Doom and Call of Duty

Представлен новый шутер от разработчиков Doom и Call of DutyPublished the first trailer.

Developers Jason Mojica and Mike Waller the authors of the Doom games, (2016), Bioshock Infinite and the first two parts Call of Duty: Black Ops is getting ready to release their own project. New bloody first-person shooter will be called Prodeus and the authors had already published his first trailer.

This is the official website of the game.

Judging by the trailer, Prodeus is a classic, even “old school” trailer in the best traditions of good old Doom and Quake. It includes the underlined pixel graphics with rivers and fountains of blood, a few twitching movements of the main character, a large selection of weapons without recoil, many levels, corridors with automatic doors.

According to the developers, the game will also get a modern quality that is expected from games level AAA. Note, the release Prodeus is scheduled for 2019.

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