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Preparing a smartphone with 9 cameras

Startup Light began to work on the smartphone, which features nine cameras. This is not an error as seen in the render, all the modules located on the rear panel.

Startup Light perfectly knows what he’s doing, because he recently introduced a L16 camera in a very compact design that fit from 16 optical modules. This camera is able to simultaneously capture images from all the lenses and software to combine them into a single image with a resolution of 52 Megapixels. Despite the fact that the smartphone is Light, the names of as-yet costs less sensors, the resulting resolution at the expense of optimization of software for higher – 64 megapixels, plus better sharpness and color palette.

Modes portrait and program surveys, there is support for HDR and other modern buns, so with this smartphone cameras is not required. New from Light is under active development and will be available before the end of this year. This would be a flagship with top-end hardware, since only a powerful CPU will be able to cope with the processing of the array data. It is expected that the smartphone will step over a mark in $1000.

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