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Prepare the liver for the New year: tips

Готовим печень к Новому году: полезные советыThere are ways to prepare liver for new year feast.

This was stated by the dietician Oksana Skitalinskaia, the opinion which leads.

According to her, eating festive meals in the 12 hours of night – not a simple test for the body. So while you have a few days, you can effectively prepare for it to the liver were ready to work in emergency mode.

1. Water – drink a glass of lukewarm water, with a few drops of lemon juice before each meal.

2. Meals these days should be 2-3, not more. Each additional bite causes the liver to produce enzymes, detoxicants and promotes the growth of insulin that not only stimulate hunger and overeating, but also the development of inflammatory processes. Two-time meal gives rest to the pancreas.

“Recommendations do not affect the debilitated, post-operative and other people, particularly with exacerbations of inflammation of the digestive system,” says the medic.

3. With each meal consumed the products of three groups: protein, vegetable and fat: not all at once, but by several.

Breakfast: Boiled egg + beans (spoonful or two) + greens/vegetables + nuts (1-4 PCs) + tangerine + yogurt. Coffee.

Lunch: vegetable Soup + baked chicken + fresh vegetables + pickled cabbage + olive oil + half an Apple. Infusion of rose hips.

Dinner: steam fish + fresh vegetables and steam + 1/4 avocado + flax seeds/Chia (the coffee Cup) + berries (1-2 tablespoons). Drink from chicory.

4. Heat treatment: cooking exclusively, rarely – baking in a glass or ceramic bowl (not your sleeve and not in foil).

5. Exclude all possible sweets (candy, cakes, pies, chocolates and sweet drinks, including fruit juices), add dried fruit (raisins, dates, figs, etc.), honey and bread. Cereals: only 1–2 tablespoons (buckwheat, oatmeal and brown rice), but not necessarily, if you want to lose to midnight on December 31.

6. During the day drink only water, weak freshly brewed green tea, coffee – just one Cup in the morning.

“From such a diet will “drop” the belly for a day or two will easily agree the skirt and pants at the waist and lost the feeling of hunger. From all these food groups you can cook delicious meals and drink: to combine, to prepare various sauces for fish and poultry, and drink water infused with mashed berries and chopped fruit,” says Skitalinska.

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