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PREMIERE: a New film about monster and “Mom,” Aronofsky

The changes in the schedule, the Prime Minister, who touched on two important releases.

First, the picture known as “God Particle” (God Particle), which is in fact a new film in the movie-universe “Cloverfield” JJ Abrams, was supposed to come out worldwide in October, the same day with the “Saw 8”. Premiere was postponed, and for a long time. Circle in red the date 2 February 2018, before this movie is not worth waiting.

Recall that Abrams is producing the project, and the Director acts Julius It. The synopsis of the movie reads:

Once the group arrived at the space station to replace the old shift and continue exploring the planet. New developments this overall expedition uncovered a theory of the emergence of the so-called God particles in the galaxy and a step closer to unraveling the emergence of life on planet Earth. Created by astronauts on the station, allowing you to accelerate the particles had a complex structure and showed how everything developed. However, should this complex mechanism to prevent the slightest mistake, the accident leads to a global catastrophe.

The date of the Russian premiere is not yet known absolutely nothing.

Secondly- and this is news with a “plus” – new promising cult film of Darren Aronofsky (“Black Swan,” “Requiem for a dream”), a painting entitled “Mother!” (Mother!) will be released a little earlier than scheduled. The film was waiting 13 October 2017, but in the end it will premiere on September 15 (the day before, the 14th).

“Mom!” with a powerful cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Michelle Pfeiffe, ed Harris, Kristen Wiig, and describe it so:

The dramatic story of a young couple whose relationship is tested for strength, when the heroes show up uninvited guests at the nines Deplete their quiet life.

Aronofsky himself wrote the screenplay and acted as producer.

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