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Pregnant Todorenko talked about the relationship with the groom

Беременная Тодоренко рассказала об отношениях с женихомThe girl explained why a favorite is not having dinner with her.

Regina todorenko said in a recent interview why Vlad Topalov, the father of her child, almost never accompanies her to a party, on that she Regina loves to walk.

“Vlad is so much work that he can’t even go out to dinner with me!” she said.

And added that if before he loved to eat, but now just loves to do it. And tries not to hold back, because this requires her baby.

“Well-fed woman is a happy woman! I like good and tasty to eat, even if it is harmful. Of course, now I don’t allow myself junk food. Almost every day I prepare myself, take a day containers with buckwheat and rice. Restaurant food lately, not too much. Heard that it is mixed with gluten and different flavor enhancers that are addictive. I like to cook lasagna, and I do that quite often. Vlad also eats – and where will he go?” noted Todorenko.

And added that while working in the project “heads and tails” she had to go to different countries and taste dishes of the local cuisine. But only once she refused to try proposed – stew dogs.

Regina also noted that while quitting sports, because it’s just not enough time. And told me that she offered to give birth to live, but she refused it. But will it be Topalov during the birth of a child, not yet known. Also the star keeps secret a place that has already chosen to give birth.

And, of course, the matter of the will two stars to formalize the relationship before you become parents.

“When he offered me the job, I said Yes – this is my favorite man. But while the exact date we haven’t decided,” commented Todorenko.

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