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Pregnant singer Natalie told about the miscarriage and other difficulties of motherhood


Blonde with chiseled figure and bright smile — so many people know 43-year-old singer Natalie. Few people know that behind the scenes Natalie is a caring wife and mother. Since 1991 she is married and has two sons — 16-year-old seven-year Arseny and Anatoly.

Now Natalie is preparing to become a mother for the third time. Reportedly, this again will be a boy. However, the singer admits that before the light appeared to her sons, she had to overcome a lot of difficulties.

“I thought I do not that is not going to be a mummy — not allowed. After my first two pregnancies were unsuccessful,” says Natalie.

The singer continued: “First, a miscarriage, a year and a half — the stood pregnancy… I was so scared that I nine years did not come back to this topic and thought I never would. But a miracle happened, I gave birth to a son Arseny. For me, it was incredible happiness!”

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Natalie also admitted that she is quite hard to let go of grown-up sons into adulthood: “Naturally, I am madly in love their sons, but try not to pester them with his love. Although, I admit, to let them go into adulthood difficult. Now Arseny 15 years, Tole — 6, and when a senior at first where-that left a long time, I began to panic. Then I calmed down a bit, switched to second son, but he also grows up, will have it soon to let go.”

Arsen Memetov/”Antenna-Telesem”

Natalie complained, and that the third pregnancy is especially hard: “In this pregnancy I had very severe morning sickness, which lasted four and a half months. And so many women in this period can not do anything — neither to work nor to follow him. And I have the opposite — as soon as I started to put on makeup or style your hair, the nausea passed in a flash!”

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