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PREDATOR: the a-Team vs the Hulk? (REVIEW)

Hardly published today in the Russian hire “the Predator” is the movie waiting, who wanted to get fans of the series. But if it’s not the movie we deserve, maybe it’s the movie we need right now?

Remember, even the first, the merged synopsis has caused bad suspicion. In fact, the story was a little more complicated, but no less controversial. Brave marine Quinn McKenna performed by Boyd Holbrook during the next job becomes a witness to the UFO crash, and then met with by space hunter. Having gone through this meeting, the soldier sends by mail the ex-wife of some alien device, but in conversations with the command of a fool. As a result of his leave in company with other fools, I mean officers with various mental disabilities, and together they make a daring escape in order to present a United front against the newly rambunctious alien. Meanwhile, the parcel arrives to destination, and it seizes young son of the protagonist, a gifted autistic, who instantly understands how out there that is included. Now the kid’s looking for a Predator, and that Predator looking for another Predator, even steeper than the first.

Theoretically it could work. Analyzing the individual elements of the plot, you see: there is potential. Small “rain man”, which becomes the link between Earth civilization and intelligence from other planets? Why not? The distressed squad of fighters, each with his drama, with its history of the disease? Hell to the Yes. Here Director Shane black, it seems, never tried to take seriously their own material. And even participate in the original film of 1987 there had no effect. Black remained true to himself, removing the action Comedy, which, unfortunately, is more inclined to his “Iron man 3” than “Lethal weapon” or “Nice guy”. There are many humorous picks between the characters, but cleaned is no chemistry. And the characters, even played by good actors, look like sketches that no one is going to bring to mind. Such a thing happens with the roles Trevante Rhodes and of Keegan-Michael Key, but worst of all for Thomas Jane: his hero, a war veteran with Tourette’s funny, but for the star of the “Haze” the role is very much too small. From the complicated relationships of the characters Ki and Jane could get some bright story, but Shane black just outlines it, and then fully merges the beautiful and the ridiculous denouement.

At all preposterous in the new “Predator” enough. Because of the humor, it’s forgive, but then, already in view, turn my thoughts to the shoals. Questionable motivation, stupid things, including mindless self-sacrifice is what can be called memory, not hitting the spoilers. The same “rain man” played by Jacob Tremblay gradually forgets to observe the symptoms of your illness and in the final it appears to be a normal kid that looks not only strange, but also hypocritical, after all the words that autism may not be a disease at all, but a new stage of evolution.

Okay, you say, there is something good in the movie Shane black? You’ve seen the trailer, so I know the answer. Yes, action is often good, and sometimes really good. Master effects are not spared of fake blood, and both Predator here doing a fierce ad, destroying so many people, as in any other film franchise. There’s not a drop brand of suspense, but the vigorous dynamics of blockbuster will not get bored, and some scenes will surprise you.

Predators are faster, stronger, bigger, but lost in grace and stealth. The huge Predator gives the impression of a living tank: it’s cool, but we fell in love with this race is quite another. Disappeared and the aura of mystery, as the heroes of the film not only know a lot about these creatures, but with the move magically figure out what’s going on in the minds of the aliens. The final will be epic, and the hunter actually hunt, but without the long track, and so beloved by fans of the game of cat-and-mouse it will be just spectacular and bloody heap. To destroy the predator, Predator break! Yes, a giant specimen turned out to be the Hulk, if the green guy brought in it’s rated R. Well, as opposed to the humorous monstryatinu squad of warriors with a sense of humor somewhere on the level of “the Expendables.” Although, if you think about it, these guys are more like “a-Team”, eccentric soldiers were court-martialed but escaped on the bus to kick ass the bad guys… And not so important that the bad guys in this case came from outer space.

The final picture is not too intriguing, but clearly hints at a sequel. It is said to be a trilogy. Well, the new “Predator” — quite tolerable and even enjoyable entertaining movie with a juicy chopper in the frame, so that continued, I probably would have looked. But whether the audience this film quite favorably, to talk about future plans? For example, “Predator 2” in 1990 was not a stranger to humor, too, have sinned a fair amount of stupidity in the behavior of the characters and yet in the end, was loved by the fans. However, cash and successful he was… on the other hand, the film of 2010 was consistent with the spirit of the original and worldwide was able to pay off, but is still often criticized by fans of the series. And here on the screen comes the brainchild of Shane black’s, not too smart, but cold and dynamic. Now we have to decide, do we need a “Predator”?

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