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Predator Shane black will be released in 3D

How do you mean?

Do you like 3D movie? I’m not really. I remember only once really got a kick out of watching the film in 3D, and it was “Resident evil: Retribution” — Yes, the plot is not too comprehended, but how attraction is perceived perfectly. With movies originally shot the old fashioned way, and then converted into three-dimensional format, this, in my opinion, it never happens. However, I several years did not go to the cinema on 3D, maybe something has changed? Don’t know, but will be unlikely to check.

Anyway, the screenwriter of the new “Predator” reported that the tape will be converted to 3D. And it happened in commenttag in Facebook. Remember a few days ago, screenwriter Fred Dekker posted a photo with the pick-UPS, and also made the announcement of the trailer? Here under the same post in the community of the author in the social network one of the fans asked whether there is a pattern in this format, and Yes, Dekker confirmed this information.

What do you think about this? First we are told that there will be a lot of humor, and now this. Not turns whether the “Predator” in a typical blockbuster?

Of course, Director Shane black already cool just because he starred in the original “Predator” in 1987 and wrote the screenplays for the franchise “Lethal weapon”. Yes, and they put Goodfellas was very good. Here are just mind his bias in Comedy. Will this “Predator”?

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