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PR-schiki after isolation will not be needed?

PR-щики после изоляции будут не нужны?

After you exit isolation we are waiting for serious changes. These changes will affect the profession and the labour market in General. Why PR-specialists are less in demand and why is it good?

A number of media published the findings from the experts of the “Institute of progressive education” about what the profession will be needed after a period of isolation and how to change the labour market. The desire to criticize or argue with the Institute Director Anna marks I have, however, some theses regarding PR remains unclear. So, she believes that “law and PR-technologies will merge with digital skills”. How to merge technology skills is unclear.

Also the question arises, how could survive at least one PR-box in the last 10 years without digital skills if that means working with the Internet, social media and online promotion tools.

The job of a PR Manager, even in 1970-e years was basically “online” and was closely connected with the technology of the time. In those same years, classic management, L. Ron Hubbard gave a good definition of PR is: “the Art of creating fame for good works.” In practice, this meant that the PR-schiki created newsworthy and covering it in the media — Newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. With the advent of the Internet has changed the channels of information dissemination, and now has a significant PR attention udelat online media, social networking and YouTube.

Anna is right that the skills and understanding of the Internet and enforcement mechanisms are becoming increasingly important in the work of the PR Manager, and without such knowledge it will be very difficult to survive.

Returning to the subject matter — whether you want to be PR-schiki after isolation? Yes. Will they demand in the labour market? No. Paradox? Not at all.

First: the demand will be for professionals who actually understand what PR can create a newsworthy, to achieve the lighting and you can do this on a regular basis, continuously expanding audience. And such units. Basically for the positions of PR Manager in Russia there are pretty girls who are social media groups, make funny pictures for them, write boring press releases and getting coffee for the boss.

Second, most companies will go into the regime of strong savings and will reduce staff by sending “under the knife” those who least value to the company. And in light of the above factors will be fired it is not clear why girls/boys are giving the social networks to outsource for half (maybe 1/3) of the salary costs of such employee. And coffee? Yes, I have to do it yourself.

Why is it good? Because every crisis is an element of natural selection in the labor market. Strong professionals will survive and get the most interesting clients, and Amateurs will be thrown out of the profession, as instead of common phrases and beautiful reports will all want specific results that you can see and touch.

Therefore, if you are not confident in their skills or in the preservation of the workplace, spend the remaining time of isolation for study of the PR. Only in useless nonsense, such as “psychology PR” or “How to make friends” and real practical experience, real PR-technologies. Take the expansion of the list of media contacts, business contacts and contacts of colleagues. PR Manager with a good database of contacts will not remain without work.

And Yes, if you do not feel confident Internet user or poorly versed in social media and methods of promotion, — to urgently fill this gap. Fortunately now a lot of online courses on these topics, including free training from such sites as Yandex and Google.

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