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PR Director and close friend Olga Buzova said his departure from the presenter


TV presenter Olga Buzova after her divorce from footballer Dmitry Tarasov decided to start a new life.

The girl began with an external makeover — from blonde dyed her hair brown, and recorded her debut song “the sound of kisses,” which has already become popular.

Olga, Gianluca Vacca and Anton

Olga was also decided to change their permanent PR Director Anton Theology. About it fans have learned from social networks. After numerous rumours that Anton decided to clarify the situation and admitted that he really stopped working with the presenter.



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“Olga and I are in the middle of November decided that we will not continue to work. I had to finish all the work that I started, to not give up halfway. Then me and Olga went to Berlin, where she is from the Russian side has interviewed celebrities world-wide. She received an offer from the TV company, so she asked me for two days to fly to Germany with her. And after that we have stopped cooperation, — described the situation the Bogoslavskaya in an interview with “StarHit”. Scandal was not between us — it was all arranged in advance. So no hard feelings there.”

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A former PR Director thanked Olga for their work, and shared our joint achievements in Instagram.

“The meeting, which started our collaboration. During these 1.5 years, Olga you managed to play the main role in the film, to write a book, create your own perfume, to record the track still in first place iTunes to release the series to light with Gianluca Vacca, meet Ryan Reynolds, become our only celebrities that took an exclusive interview for the Russian TV have now the most talked about artists of Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard… And this is only a small part of what you had. Olga, thank you for our cooperation”, — he wrote (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.).

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Olga responded by published a picture together with Anton and signed the photo: “Thank you for being with me!”

Olga Buzova and Marion Cotillard

As we know, Anton Bogoslavskaya was only a PR star. Who will take his place, Anton himself has no idea. After all, Buzova itself in the process of appointing a new Director of public relations.


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