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Powerful banners superhero Thriller GLASS

Less than two weeks left before the premiere of the new film by M. night Shyamalan, and of course we are in anticipation of something twisted and cool. Well, as long as we have some fresh promotional images for the film on its release in IMAX cinemas. Similar to the international poster we’ve seen recently? But such a cool Beast, stretched out in a jump, there is, for example, was not.

Recall that “Glass” will tell about how

David Dunn is chasing a supernatural creature named the Beast, formerly known as Kevin Wendell Crumb, resulting in a series of battles, and yet Elijah Prays masterfully orchestrates the events, staying in the shadows and having the secrets the weaknesses of both enemies.

Starring: James McAvoy (“Split”), Bruce Willis (“Unbreakable”), Anya Taylor-joy (“Split”), Samuel L. Jackson (“Unbreakable”) and Sarah Paulson (“American horror story”).

Shyamalan, as always, acts as a Director and script writer of a picture.

17 January 2019 waiting for “Glass” in Russian cinemas.

Topic: Third trailer of the movie the GLASS (IN RUSSIAN)

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