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“Power — drowning in the swamp”

«Власть — как тонущий в болоте»

Pension reform will not back off. The people are extremely dissatisfied, but still waiting. Experts believe that the assignment of women does not play a critical role.

The state Duma today has virtually closed the debate on the abolition of the pension reform. The bill passed its second reading with the stated in the televised address, Putin amended the presidential women will increase the age to rest 60 years, men — 65 years. The question of the referendum has disappeared from the news agenda, the Communists protest only formally. It is obvious that the population will not accept reform, but how it will manifest?

Denis Volkov, sociologist, expert of “Levada-Center”:

“Pension reform has only accelerated a downward trend of support for Vladimir Putin, who was designated before June. In the spring we saw that the President’s poll numbers started to sink slightly, and the announcement of the reform has accelerated this negative trend.

When I listened to the President’s speech, I was under the impression that “worked” in all respects, all the fears that people have — a job loss, decrease in standard of living, etc. But there were people who hoped that he have to cancel the reform. And they will not improve their attitude to Putin.

It is difficult to say how to change rating in the future. It is clear that people’s attitude towards the pension reform will not change and will remain sharply negative.”

Vladimir Ryzhkov, candidate of historical Sciences, political scientist, ex-Deputy of the state Duma:

“Amendments of Vladimir Putin have not decided for five years raised the retirement age for men and for five years raised the retirement age for women. And this despite the fact that officially, the average life expectancy now is only 70 years. This means that the person will be paid a pension on average, only five years after retirement.

It is very hard and even cruel decision against the society. Us life expectancy is still lower than in many developing countries: for example, in Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, not to mention developed countries. Therefore, negative attitude towards raising the retirement age will remain, society will continue to reject him.

Most importantly, no reform, no, the system remains the same, nothing changes. The only difference is the age of retirement. It is also a deception.”

Daria Mitina, a historian, former Duma Deputy:

“It is no coincidence that the decision to raise the retirement age was adopted at the last term of Vladimir Putin, when you don’t care about rankings, reputation, etc. what in the West is called the period of “lame duck.” The most painful social issues were deferred for that period. Although we know that attempts to change the retirement age were made by the government since 2011-12. I remember the constant discussions on this topic and roughly the same arguments as now. Was “point of view” Siluanov, Kudrin Topilin, Minister and others. The only thing needed was the nod of the President. Then he was gone, and now there is.

In public opinion it caused considerable bitterness and a significant reduction of confidence in the government. Televised address, Putin saw while I was in the Altai region. There and so the President was not very popular, and now people just grind their teeth and clench my fists. I have not seen a single person who would have tried to find some arguments in justification. Even if sociology does not fix, then a surge of indignation it was easy to see on the street. In Moscow, more calm reaction — here people are more confident in your future, and in the regions people react much more sharply. The trust, which President purchased in 2014, had melted as a white Apple smoke, it all vanished in one second.

No referendum, of course, will not. Moreover, not only organized by the Communist party or someone from the opposition forces, but also by the authorities. We do not have precedents for the conduct of referendums.

It is possible that up to a certain point, the government did not have a definitive answer and clarity how to act. Was the discussion — in fact, that is how it should be decorated. Was hard option: the President and all. Further accelerated second reading of the bill and then the third. The government believes that the discussion is over, and the word of the President is the last word”.

Boris Kagarlitsky, Director of the Institute of globalization and social movements, candidate of political Sciences:

“If you look at the long and medium term, their would seem to soften the reform amendments, Vladimir Putin, rather, added fuel to the fire. His recent televised speech he, of course, did not calm and not happy those who are unhappy with the changes. Real people his appeal has made only a negative impression.

But, in my opinion, the statement was not intended for the population and functionaries of the FNPR and the Communist party, which it was necessary to give a formal occasion to stop the protests. But the paradox is that, if the result of this maneuver functionaries of trade unions and the Communists will cease active fighting, the banner can be picked up by some more radical forces.

Everything that happens is not conducive to the growth of Putin’s popularity. Many people think that the President made a statement, and it will be better or worse. In fact, the opposite is true: at some point the trend turns around and then everything is interpreted through her.

If earlier the General mood in the country was such that people wanted to treat the President well, and whatever the application, even unpopular, he did, they had no effect. Now the situation is exactly the opposite: that Putin has said, even if the application is correct, true, even the bed on the wishes and aspirations of the people, it will not work on him because the General trend now is the opposite.

It should be noted: the overall trend is disappointing in power, and it will continue to grow, regardless of what power predprinimat. Paradoxically, any activity will work against the government. It’s like the situation of a man who is sinking in a swamp: the more he twitches and turns, the faster it will sink”.

Anna Ochkina, head of the Center for social analysis IGSO, sociologist, candidate of philosophical Sciences:

“It is very difficult to talk about society’s response to Putin’s amendments as a whole when talking about Russia. There is, for example, the Internet community, which reacted sharply and critically — because the proposal was not very clear and not quite feasible in practice.

In General, there were many questions. But the main one — why is the President constantly corrects for government mistakes, but does not send the Cabinet in resignation.

Two and a half months before the televised address of the President of the society was in a fever. Almost 300 protests was only in July against pension reform. Maybe their mass was smaller than in 2005, but the geographical range is extensive, never was. And then the head of state declares only some relief without affecting the key points without talking about why the Pension Fund crashes all the time, and not worth it to sanitize.

By far the positive reaction is not in any segments of the society. Maybe in some kind of nuclear electorate of the President more amenable to his statements, but doubt and frustration. After the adoption of the law on the pension reform next year when the new start failures, the protests resume.”


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