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Power cracks his whip, forgetting about the gingerbread

Власть щелкает кнутом, забыв о пряниках

The riots — the only manifestation of life, which seriously worried about our bosses. Everything else in society — an empty phrase.

Jonathan swift invented the flying island of Laputa, where normal conversation could be conducted only with the common people and women. The rulers of the Islands had such a sublime way of thinking that rational sense in their actions that made it difficult. Attention is muddle-headed thinkers to the conversation could only slapping them on the lips or the ears with a stick, to which is attached a bubble with dry peas. Increasingly, it seems to me that Russian parliamentarians are like laudanum, who did not understand, than the lives of the common people.

The state Duma has finished the autumn session and went on holidays. Before the New year initiated to prepare a lot of gifts. The Parliament decided for the New year to give and to bring happiness to the electorate. However, to mitigate the notorious 282 articles on extremism, MPs have nothing to do, they dutifully stamped the document, supported by the President.

Private lawmaking has had a different direction. A powerful intellectual tension has created several documents to a single ideological direction. An insult to the authorities, the media and the Internet should be equated to disorderly conduct with a fine or arrest for 15 days. The publication of socially significant, but false information — it is extremism. It also discusses the idea of creating a “cyberdragon”, which, as trackers, scour the world wide web in search of false information. And yet, the lock and the global network immersion in the Russian Internet. Kind of like the Great Russian wall, only digital.

A naive observer might ask how different and spaced from each other at a respectful distance skull originated related bills? One of the great noticed that brilliant minds think alike. And this, obviously, is such a case.

Are there rational reasons that pushed the best minds of the Russian Federation to the manifestation of aspirations in the same direction? Maybe Russian lawmakers believe American colleagues in Congress unravel the machinations of a Russian computer pirates, and was so scared of retaliation and repetition of the story in our area that have decided proactively to enter the dragon’s restrictions? Or another reason is after the New year is expected to increase prices, and may be troublemakers who will make criticism. But the most likely cause of unanimity — the protests in France. For three cents, the French are ready to take down the government! But we don’t want we had in Paris. The language Korotin and hand cuff him…

In France, the riots, and in Russia forelocks crack. Scheme history ordinary. After each of the French revolution in Russia began to tighten the screws, they were too expensive. The most famous in the world the specter of communism, described in the “Communist Manifesto” by Karl Marx, began to wander through Europe, choosing the victim, after the uprising of 1848.

The riots — the only manifestation of public life, which concerned the Russian power and can cause the opposite reaction. Everything else in society — an empty phrase. The worst — a color revolution and Russian Maidan. Suddenly violent “yellow jackets” in mother Russia show up? Hence, a hasty composition of terrifying punishments.

Yes, but it all harm. Can we call bans autoimmune reaction of the authorities? If the government is a system endowed with reason and not prone to suicide, the restraining laws should be assessed only as sabotage and discredit itself. Apology can only be one — members of the flying island of Laputa.

Otherwise, judging by the fruits, the Russian Parliament for a long time can be regarded as a fifth column that undermines the authority of the government. The law of Parliament is an example of the archaic, cut off from time thinking with the periodic drop in obscurantism. The whip without the carrot — evidence of incompetence and lack of professionalism. About innovation, modernisation and transformation, which recently called Russia’s President, with Parliament do not have to dream. Civilization prohibitions is the caravan of the blind which goes into the abyss.

One of the mysteries of Russian life is the quick and inevitable mutation of people who have received even a fraction of the power. The rulers of Laputa was a proven way of dealing with malcontents. Flying island flew to the place of unrest and people were blocking the Sun. That is simply difficult to live with. The impression that swift is a reference book in the state Duma.

The cynicism of the situation with the new laws that they were made the very next day after the funeral of Lyudmila Alexeyeva and the opening of the monument to Alexander Solzhenitsyn to honor his century. And also coincided with the meeting of the Council for human rights, where the President traditionally asking for liberalization. Well, for liberalization to be calm, she stepped right on the day of the 25th anniversary of the Constitution, which also was once considered a Herald of freedom.

By the way, if the common now you can’t blame the government, because it undermines its authority, then why freed from the responsibility of deputies and Ministers whose actions and deep sayings the authority to drop a lot stronger? Or log in your own eye is not visible? Makaroshki and buckwheat slender train of thought break? Incomes fall five years, stagnation has become the norm, monopoly is crushed. Russia has become a country that shows the world how not to manage the economy.

Not coincidentally, two-thirds of citizens expressed regret about the collapse of the Soviet Union, which was the highest figure in ten years. A year ago, regretted the USSR, 58%, now — 66% off! Imagine that such a survey, in relation to the Russian Empire was held in the USSR in 1947, 30 years after the October revolution. The number of citizens who would regret about the tsars, would be close to zero. These figures clearly indicate that Russia is a dead end. But no bubble with peas to knock on the head…

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