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“Powder keg”: the people of Kiev are afraid that their house will collapse

"Пороховая бочка": киевляне боятся, что их дом рухнетIn Kiev, the residents of the building are afraid to be buried alive in a home emergency.

In Kiev, residents of the home on the street Tverskoy tupik live in the “powder keg” and fear that their building will collapse due to flooding and landslides. Also people believe that the city authorities do not hurry to solve the problem.

Mnogopodezdnom tenants of the building at Tverskoy tupik 6/8 for a few months sounding the alarm and trying to save his home from destruction. The journalist talked with the owners of apartments in a dilapidated building and learned about “canned” municipal problems.

According to residents, their house was built in the 1960-ies and is now in poor condition. Resident Victor Gorobets says that building a complex system of drainage communications. The fact that near the house at a depth of about 5 meters is a system of tunnels through which for many years derived wastewater. However, on 25 June 2018 around the house a pipe burst. 3-meter high geyser that was spurting out of the ground about 4 hours, not only pretty outraged residents, but also led to more serious consequences. After heavy summer rains near the building started to fall the ground, the asphalt had deep holes that are gaping right above stornaway system. By the way, residents have repeatedly tried to figure out on balance which of the utilities can find the gallery gutters, but the issue still remains open.

As told by the inhabitant of the house Olga Koshman, these holes in the yard and not eliminated. Them to form closed wooden beams and the old slate. However, even these materials from public utilities is not enough. The failures in the pavement near the building cause people to worry about their children going out in the yard and can fall. According to residents, such “work” was held by representatives of KP “Management company servicing the housing Fund of the Pechersk district”.

As it turned out, the consequences of a breakthrough and pits aren’t the only problem residents. Yuri Kvasov showed the Informant and other “pain points” of the house. Residents drew attention to the fact that the building gradually bends and is deposited in the walls formed numerous cracks that can be several dozen. In August, after another inspection of the building, the utilities, marked with paint. Other actions of specialists residents not yet seen.

In addition to cracks, the house has tilted and cracked steps on the stairs in some apartments, the floor collapsed more than 20 centimeters. On the opposite side of the building out from under the asphalt began to bulge in the pillars that are in the system, protecting the house from landslides and shifting of the soil. “Continued inaction may lead to the fact that the house just collapse. People may die,” – lamented Yuri Kvasov.

The condition of the building and related communications forcing residents plenty to worry about your safety. As told by the owners of the apartments, they have repeatedly appealed to the statements and requests to solve a problem to the representatives of the administration of Pechersk district, in KP”, the Management company for the maintenance of the housing stock of the Pechersk district”, as well as in KCSA and government hotline. However, they say that any active steps to repair the building and its systems followed.

Olga Koshman emphasized that the problem of housing and communal services and local authorities know for a long time. For example, in 2017, the experts of the Specialized administration of anti-ground works (SUPPR) warned of the Director of KP of the dangers that lie behind the poor state of the houses and the area around it.

The tenants said that, according to the chief engineer of KP “Management company for the maintenance of the housing stock,” Sergei Parkhomenko, a letter describing the problems, which occurred from-for break of pipes due to hydraulic tests were sent to KP “Kievteploenergo”. The Commission, which in July called for problem home, was acting Director of KP “the Management company for servicing of housing” Sergey Lavrinenko. He told residents of emergency houses here that have carried out the examination, the representatives and the management of Road maintenance management repair and maintenance of roads. Came to the scene of the accident and the Deputy head of the Kiev administration Anatoly nevmerzhitskiy. Officials told local residents that the culprit of breaking the tube and dips in the ground is “Kievteploenergo” which should reverse the effects.

It should be noted that in the “Kievteploenergo” his involvement in the dips in the land of denial. Is the acting Director of enterprise “Management company on maintenance of the housing Fund” Sergey Lavrinenko said that clogged storm sewers, as outlined in the “Kievteploenergo” it is not that other, as a continuation of the gallery, which is to perform a drainage function, but it does due to the proximity of heating systems. Lavrinenko also noted that KP has already signed a contract with the research Institute in the amount of about 90 thousand hryvnias. According to him, at the end of August the specialists of the Institute have studied the situation and are now working on the report.

But in an emergency home residents have little faith that the situation will be solved soon, since specific terms were not called. People say that the problem and promised to resolve within a couple of weeks, but people complain that it’s September, and things are there. The informant will continue to monitor the situation around the emergency home.

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