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Potap taken aback by the news about the divorce

Потап огорошил новостью о разводеThe couple divorced two years ago.

Rapper Potap divorced his wife. About this on his page on Instagram said Irina Gorovaya, the wife of Alexey Potapenko (Potap). The ex-couple appeared on the cover of the Ukrainian gloss “Rest” and told how their love story ended.

In recent times appeared rumors that the family farm is not as idyllic as they show fans. Some even said that found Potap and Nastya Kamensky, but official confirmation of this was not. And here as a thunder from a clear sky came the message that Potap and Irina Gorovaya divorced. Officially, they said on this edition of “Rest” in a joint interview.

To everyone they seemed the perfect couple. Irina Gorovaya and Potap — were a great tandem in all spheres of life: they have created together production center MOZGI Entertainment, several musical projects have received numerous prizes and awards, as well as bringing up two children — 19-year-old Natasha (daughter from his first marriage Irene) and 8-year-old Andrew. But as it turns out, they don’t live together now for 5 years (!!!), and officially divorced 2 years ago. News about divorce shared Irina Gorovaya on his page in Instagram.

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Потап огорошил новостью о разводе

Judging by the interview, and the previous events of a couple’s life, they have a really good relationship, although they are not together. Wife Potap, we believe the following statement many of their fans shock.

Yes, we got divorced, it’s true. Already five years living separately, and officially divorced two years ago. And we are really strong, but not a married couple.

For many, this peaceful and quiet separation Potap and Gorovoy may be an example of how values become higher the carve-up of the property and the offense. No matter what, they continue to work together and remain close friends to each other.

“We have such a strong friendship love. Though we are long gone, but really did not break up, as we worked together… I guess it will seem strange that the former husband and wife so warmly communicate. But we’re really close, tell each other the most secret…”

In a new interview with Irina Gorovaya told how the children reacted to their breakup.

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Потап огорошил новостью о разводе

“The son does not want on the subject of divorce generally speaking. Like it is not. We stood with Alex, he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, and the son, “Hey, you don’t need to kiss. Hold on to the handle — you will have other men that you can kiss!” However, Andrew gets jealous sometimes because the Pope is the chief living authority. They have a special bond. As soon as Alesha finds a minute, he immediately comes to us. Playing with Andrew in the game, they go for a walk together. Dad is always there. Our children have become accustomed to such a regime.”

It is known that both already have a mate, but yet they do not want to advertise this fact. However, in the margins of show business rumor, and the fans, due to recent changes in the work of Potapov: after the release of the song “I……I” and the fact that Potapov tattoo with the name Kamensky, say that they have an affair and soon they will officially announce.

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