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Potap “lit up” in the company of ex-wife

Потап "засветился" в компании бывшей женыArtist on vacation met with the ex-wife and children.

Famous Ukrainian producer and rapper Potap, who was suspected in the weekend retreat with Nastya Kamenskikh, was found in Mexico with his ex-wife, music producer Irina Gorovoy and children.

Sharing a photo posted on his page on Instagram 21-year-old daughter Gorovoy from his first marriage to Natalia.

Judging by the messages on the girls, they, along with her mother and brother, Andrew (son of Irina Gorovoy and Potap) rest on a cruise ship. The family started in Miami and has already managed to visit the Bahamas and Jamaica.

A few days ago, they landed on the coast of the Mexican island of Cozumel, where she met Potap.

Natalia Gorovaya noted that due to the unusual format of the rest when they are traveling on the liner and don’t stop for a long time in hotels, looked at Mexico on the other side. In addition, the “new” Mexico the family showed and Potap.

“Today we met senior @realpotap (nickname Potap in the social network – ed.) who told us many interesting things about Mexico. Together we drank tequila, swam and sunbathed. Drove Cozumel, we stopped at the public beach where the cool hang out next to the Mexicans. And of course – tequila, tequila and more tequila,” wrote Natalia, adding a confession: “Love u, my family”.

Note that the way Natalia has unveiled the place of Potapov, who had not spread, and where it becomes rouni tan, and he is none of his photos did not put up geolocation.

Потап "засветился" в компании бывшей жены

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