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Posters of “the Walking dead” in style “Game of thrones” and “twin peaks”

The seventh season of “the Walking dead” (The Walking Dead) broke all records for the amount of gloom in the episode, but the army of fans and if decreases, it is still not critical. And the creators say each time, they say, now begins the action! The start of the eighth season promise furious – and there is every reason to believe it. Here the story has the viewer because the left actually in the beginning of the war. Team Rick vs team Nigana. Has to be hot.

“Walkers” will return to television screens in October of this year, and the Network is slowly beginning to emerge a variety of materials, fueled the interest in the new season. For example, posters. Yes not simple, and in a way parodying other famous TV shows. It turned out very witty flirting with the fan community, and by themselves, the posters look cool. Just no one decided to arrange the massacre of artists and funny people, and the community of fans of “the Walking” is very aggressive: to recall recent history with threats against Josh Mcdermitt (Eugene), who had to retire from social networks.

Posters of the eighth season of “the Walking dead” refer to “Game of thrones” and the new “twin peaks”. The first classic zombies (walkers or Walker, as they are called in the series) duplicates a white Walker from “Game”. Not twins, of course, but something in common there. Well, on the second instead of the usual agent Cooper sealed the villain, Negan performed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The slogan is also not from the bulldozer invented: linovskoe “It’s happening again” is replaced by “War is over again” (in Russian slightly clumsy, Yes, but the analogy is obvious). Because in the world. war is coming people, and it promises to be even tougher than the confrontation with the Governor.

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