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Poster “the Punisher” Punisher

Netlix yesterday at the premiere of the second season of “strange Affairs”, but that’s not the only series, the release of which the service is looking forward to fans. In November, will see the light of the spin-off of “Daredevil” – a solo show about a violent vigilante named Frank castle.

After Frank castle’s family was killed during a firefight several of the gangs of new York, he decides to take revenge and begins to hunt for the criminals of the city. In the underworld he became known as the Punisher.

We got a new poster “the Punisher” (The Punisher), and it suddenly is not the Punisher performed by John Bernthal. But there is the lovely Deborah Ann wall, which in the TV comic and Marvel universe Netlix viewers know as Karen Paige.

The first time we saw her in “Daredevil” where Karen worked as a Secretary in a law office the main character. Slowly she became one of the Central characters in the second season, Karen has managed to communicate with the Punisher, and then appeared in the crossover “the Defenders”. It is not surprising that it is designed under the banner of the solo album of Frank castle, because Karen is almost the only living soul who castle can trust. Judging by the promo, the show she will play a rather important role. By the way, has already been announced that Karen will return in the third season of “Daredevil”. Yes not one, and with the Kingpin. It will be interesting.

Well, the Punisher will return on 17 November 2017. The wait is less than a month.

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