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Poster of the fourth segment of the horror anthology Project H

We have a couple of times told about a curious genre film Project H, which removed the talented guys from Chelyabinsk. And now we have information about a new, fourth short film, which will go there.

The story received the title of “awful night” (Ill-Fated Night), and here’s how it describes the Director of the project Gleb bags:

It all starts with the fact that at night in the winter in the middle of a strange village, the main characters of Lisa and max’s car breaks down. Max notices that in one of the houses lights on. He asks Liza to wait for him, and he goes for help, maybe it’ll help to start, but eventually after some time, Lisa could not get through to him and goes after him. Let’s just say, I wish they were freezing in the car, because they do not even realize that the entity locked in the house…

It is curious that fans of Progect H are already familiar with one of the characters of the new segment, as Max mentioned — this is the friend of the protagonist of the second part of the anthology, “Smoking kills”, which can be viewed at the link.

At the moment, “awful night” has already been installed, passed the color correction and sound. Now it is time for music. Soon the project team will travel to Moscow to work with the composer. In the meantime, we can marvel at the fine art poster that was painted by the artist Varvara Arter.

Well, recall that Gleb bags became one of the winners of the Second Script Contest, held this year at the support Zone of Horrors.

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