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Post-holiday syndrome: how to quickly enter into a working rhythm

Пост-отпускной синдром: как быстрее включиться в рабочий ритмAfter a long vacation makes it hard to start working.

Before the end of the vacation only a few days left, and you think with horror that once again will have to oneself in the work? Our tips will help you to avoid stress, reports the Chronicle,info with reference to Home.

Do you often coming from holiday to the home office, you feel miserable? Have you thought about quitting? Do you feel headache pain and incomprehensible fatigue? If Yes, then you are a victim postoppkrav syndrome. After all, the more thorough we rest, the more you forget about work on holiday, the harder it is to return to the service. Is there a way to reduce stress after the holidays? Try to listen to our advice!

The right plan

Try to plan your vacation so that passive and active recreation it was roughly equal. So you alternated the days when you aimlessly lying on the couch, and days when you are climbing mountains.

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No work on the beach!

Never leave work! Your goal on vacation is to completely disconnect from work issues and did not remember about his profession. If the nature of your work is that it can be done, notify colleagues and partners that you will spend exactly 1 hour of time in a day to solve business problems, with a clearly fixed time, for example, from 10 to 11 am. At 11:05 you colleagues will already be unavailable!

Attention to the date

Try to plan vacation so that access to work had not on a Monday, and on another day of the week, say, Wednesday. After the holidays you will be physically difficult to effectively work full working week.

More variety

If you have a sedentary job, try in the first days after the holidays to move. If the work is associated with movements and travel, not necessarily in the evening, give yourself the opportunity to stay in bed or watch TV.

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It’s time to plan!

You just got back from the resort? Start planning your next vacation! Consider where you want to go, what to see, to meet somebody. Start to get acquainted with the proposals of operators and to estimate how much money you need to spend on your next vacation.

Do not drive horses

You are able to alter all the things accumulated in many ways, don’t even try to do it. Make a rough plan for two to three weeks and do one item every day.

Summer memories

Tell your colleagues and friends about what a wonderful vacation you had. Place on Desk photos from the sea or imported from afar trinket. Around you while working should be something that will remind you about the rest, this will give you more positive and become optimistic.

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