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Post-apocalyptic novel “Bird box” in the summer will be released in Russian

Fans postupaka prepare: a novel Josh Malerman “Bird box” (Bird Box) will still be published in Russia. PAH-PAH-PAH, so as not to jinx it. Around him were gossips in one place there was the announcement, in another denial. Site “Laboratory fiction” the book entered in the database, but after some time he added: “the Publication will not work”. The result of all these obscure movements in people who have long waited for a novel have the impression that he can wave to handle. But no. Arrived official announcements from the cover, abstract and all.

What is this book? Word to publishers:

It’s waiting for you outside. It is… something terrible, something that in no event it is impossible to look at. Because one look at this creature? device? person? threatens madness and death.
Humanity ceased to exist. A handful of survivors hiding in abandoned houses with boarded up Windows, not daring to go outside. Melanie, a single mother with two children, decides to finally escape from her home-prison – escape to where, according to rumors, there are still people, somewhere safe. She has terrible test: twenty miles downriver in an unreliable boat, blindfolded, and relying on acute hearing of her kids. Four-year-olds who grew up and learned to distinguish sounds in the darkness of the small stuffy rooms.
One wrong move and they are doomed. Someone walking nearby, someone is always watching over them – a common animal or monster?
“Bird box” – a snapshot of the mad world, a dark tale that will haunt you to the last page!

Postapocalyptic, horror, Thriller, comparisons with “the Road” Cormac McCarthy and the generally positive reviews – it looks like this thing is pretty damn tempting. In the West the book was published in 2014, having a full-fledged debut of Mulermana. The first pancake not turned out lumpy: “Bird box” became a bestseller and was nominated for several awards (including the profile for us – “brestanovsky”). The affair is spoken of as a strong genre thing that will help the reader to dilute the monotonous zombie Apocalypse with something original. It seems that we must take.

The book will be released in the publishing house “AST” in series with the immodest title of “Best book ever”. The translation is done Alla Akhmerovawhich, among other things, translated into Russian stories of Stephen king and David Morrell. And “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer.

“Bird box” needs to go on sale in July this year.

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