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Possible signs of excessive “pollution” of the body

Возможные признаки чрезмерной "загрязненности" организмаThe doctors outlined the main symptoms that your body requires a course of purification.

Daily in the human body get nutrients and toxic substances. Some of these components tend to accumulate and if in the case of vitamins – it is an absolute benefit to health, the toxins are harmful to him.

Poor health can indicate that the body is heavily infested and requires “cleaning”, but people tend to ignore these symptoms, linking their appearance with other factors, for example stress or lack of sleep.

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Doctors have listed all possible signs of “contamination” of the body:

– a strange taste preferences, when I want to constantly eat something good for shape and overall health;

– the poor condition of the skin, especially on the face;

– lack of energy and feeling that you will fall asleep directly on the move;

spontaneously appeared constipation and other digestive problems;

– rapid weight gain and good appetite too;

– constantly in a bad mood, apathy and irritability;

– frequent viral illnesses are those who forgot about the maintenance of the immune system, and it usually ceases to function properly, if clogging of the digestive tract and reduced efficiency of the liver;

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If you notice one or several of the above symptoms, you should seek the assistance of a therapist or on your own to “unload” the body with vegetable juice, rice, flax seeds, clean water and other products, with the property a property such as cleansing.

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