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Possible causes of dry throat

Возможные причины сухости в горлеIt became known that can cause scratchy throat.

Therapists note that dryness in the throat arises, not just for this, this phenomenon has its reasons. It can be respiratory infections, chronic diseases, and even pathological changes in the larynx, which should immediately identify, seek help from a doctor. Urgency is important only because of dryness in the throat may be initial symptom of a serious disease, which will be easier to cure at the initial stage.

The most common causes of dryness in the throat:

1. The abuse of tobacco. Smokers, at least most of them, have repeatedly faced such unpleasant feeling in throat like not enough saliva and everything is dry. Maybe even get a sore throat when swallowing. The fact is that toxic substances in cigarette smoke are absorbed first in the mouth and throat the mucous membranes and then reach the lungs and bronchi. In fact, so mouth and throat may appear dry, signaling that Smoking still had a negative impact on the health and well-being, and in the future will be even worse if you do not quit the harmful habit.

2. Breathing through the mouth. Clogged nose, snoring and other causes over which the person begins to breathe through the mouth, not the nose, it can cause dry mouth and throat. This phenomenon is easy to fix, just start to breathe correctly, inhaling the air with his nose.

3. Dehydration. Often people simply forget to drink water and dry throat, it may seem that the tongue stuck to the sky and swallow the saliva is not possible. In fact, a person should always have a half-liter bottle of mineral water without gas, that at any moment it was possible to drink and to avoid drying of the mouth and throat.

4. Infectious disease is accompanied by dry, scratchy and sore throat, high fever, cough and other symptoms. In this case, you should frequently gargle with the soda solution and to bury your nose oil drops.

5. Diabetes. Dry throat and mouth for diabetes mellitus is one of the earliest signs. If a person has not observed the above reasons, because of which he has constantly dry throat, it does not hurt in the coming days to donate blood in order to check for raised glucose levels above normal.

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