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Positive charge: funny jokes from the real masters of sarcasm

Заряд позитива: смешные анекдоты от настоящих мастеров сарказмаFunny jokes for good people.

The humor is different – professional, black, kind, and even strange.

In our review of the collected cards that will appreciate first and foremost fans of weird humor.

It is very ambiguous at first glance these jokes.

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— You put mushrooms?
— No, thanks, I mushrooms only to collect love!
— As you wish! Can and on the floor to stretch.

The newly minted couple. The husband asks his wife:
— Honey, will you cook me till death do us part?
— Honey, if I cook, then death will separate us very soon.

In the morning the wife says to her husband:
— Bob, you tonight in your sleep talking and very insulting comments about my mother.
— Lucy, Yes, tonight I didn’t sleep at all!

By flying two crows, each in its beak on a plastic Cup. Mind I understand that they gutted the trash cans, but soul worried that somewhere poured without me.

— What kind of idiots you sent us? We asked a couple of normal guys.
— And this is a paranormal men!

— Hello, dear, today we have an event at work, I can later bring?

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