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Portraits of movie stars from Bruce white

This morning we have already admired collection of the cutest art exhibition in the gallery “1988” Los Angeles. However, digging into the archives of this gallery, you can not share with you a few impressive findings.

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Artist Bruce W. (Bruce White) – portrait of God. But what sets his work against the background of other artists is the fact that Bruce paints portraits of people and characters – heroes and villains from the world of cinema. The paintings are included in collections of “Cult of Personality” and “Velvet Paintings For Your Inner Nerd”. And if the prints with portraits of Snake Plissken (“Escape from new York”) and Prince Vigo (the villain from “Ghostbusters 2”) you can buy at a price of only $ 40, original paintings for sale at a price of 600 and 900 dollars.

But imagine how gorgeous it can look in your home on the wall a selection of paintings, consisting, say, of the portraits of agent Cooper (“twin Peaks”), johnny Smith (the Dead zone), Universal soldier, ash (“evil dead”) or Roy Batty (“blade Runner”).

Click the miniature – looking slideshow.

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