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Portion of photos from the filming of “Predator”

Actor Keegan-Michael Key today celebrates 47 birthday, and on this occasion the Director Shane black congratulated him on Instagram, adding to this overall picture sites of “Predator”.

In addition, there are still a couple of cute frames, which were made while the Director chose the locations for work, because the picture was sent to reshoot. Well, at least we can expect some new and very picturesque scenery in the film.

Well, for the company we looked in Instagram the actress Olivia Munnwhere fished out another photo from the shoot and a small video in which the young Jacob Tremblay is practicing in parody, quoting cruise “Get To The Chopper!” from the first “Predator”. If you believe once the merged synopsis, this kid will learn to speak the language Yautja. Is it really so? God knows, but arnoldschwarzenegger boy fuck fine!

The main character, a former marine, discovers a malevolent alien race on Earth, but nobody believes that these things exist. His son is autistic, whom everyone bullied at school, becomes a key figure in the struggle with the Predators, because the boy knows how incredibly quick to learn languages and, apparently, will be able to understand aliens.

So, the premiere of the new “Predator” is scheduled for September 14, 2018. And don’t forget, soon the trailer!

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