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Porsche has revealed the most powerful hybrid

Porsche показала мощнейший гибридThe car is undergoing final testing.

The German Corporation has announced the imminent release of on the road, the SUV Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid.

At the moment the car is undergoing final testing on the roads of South Africa. Until this has been tested in different climatic poles from Canada to Dubai.

It is expected that the electrical installation on the crossover complement a Turbo V6 engine volume of 2.6 liters. The combined system output will be 462 horsepower. The electric motor will be powered by a battery capacity of 14 kWh, which will provide a longer mileage compared to electric Cayenne.

Also, Porsche announced Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid. Two engines together will give 680 horsepower. It is assumed that the car can break the speed record on the rally Track.

It remains to add that the Porsche is the rejection diesel engines. Therefore, it is possible that you install on a Cayenne diesel may be the last in the Porsche lineup.

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