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Poroshenko – source of infection: a sudden epidemic in the Kiev court

Порошенко - источник заразы: внезапная эпидемия в Киевском суде

34 judges in the District court of Kiev was unable to appear for the qualifying examination. The reason was the sudden illness of 34 people. If the diagnosis was at all or not – is not specified. All judges confirmed the disease documented – reported information. Higher qualification Collegium of judges (vkks) said that they do not have the authority to check the legality of documents, so the exam was postponed to may 21. The lack of judges on the exam could turn into a universal dismissal, if not for a good reason.

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Accordingly, if judges were – the examiners-supporters of Poroshenko might also receive a question and grounds for dismissal. As it turned out, the outgoing President of Ukraine in this very interested. He was extremely dissatisfied with some decisions of the jury. In particular, the judges ruled that illegal nationalization of PrivatBank. Fearing reprisals from the former leader of the Square, the judges chose just not be on the exam.

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In General, the concerns of judges is understandable and justified. While that is still in power Poroshenko to disperse the Board. But if on may 19 the office of President will take Zelensky, and a qualifying test for judges will take place only on may 21 – they have a chance to retain their seats.

However, the Board still promise to punish the alleged interference with justice.

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