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Poroshenko prepares impeachment Zelensky, to once again become President

Порошенко готовит импичмент Зеленскому, чтобы снова стать президентом

The losers of the second round of the presidential elections Petro Poroshenko intends at any price to return to the top post of the country. According to the politician, this return will take place on the outcome of the next election.

Earlier, Petro Poroshenko, commenting on the first data exit polls, has agreed to admit defeat, but added that he leaves the presidential chair, but not Ukrainian politics. Poroshenko promised to go into opposition, and there to continue the “struggle for Ukraine”.

“The results of exit polls is obvious. They give reason to call my opponent and congratulate him on his victory. I leave the office, but I will not leave politics. I am staying in politics and will fight for Ukraine”, – said Poroshenko during a speech.

Порошенко готовит импичмент Зеленскому, чтобы снова стать президентом

However, the plans of the losing side proved to be more long-term. At the rally, which the night before was held at the walls of the presidential administration, Poroshenko promised that the first will go for parliamentary elections, and then will return to the presidency.

“I am not leaving politics. We unite in order to secure our common victory in the near future. Together we are going to win in the parliamentary elections, and together, we’ll be back on the street after the next presidential elections”, – told about their plans of policies.

However, the statement of Petro Poroshenko of intent to return to the Russian presidency in the next elections those present at the meeting were not satisfied. The crowd began to chant, “next year” to which the politician replied: “in a year, so next year.” This option is the fifth leader of Ukraine really will be if the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine will adopt a law on impeachment of the President. To begin its consideration is planned on April 25.

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As said the speaker of Parliament Andriy Parubiy, today reported about five versions of this law, however, now proposed to adopt the “law on the President in General.”

“If the bill (impeachment – approx.ed) the President, who they (the opposition forces – approx.ed) represent, to be supported by the Committee on Wednesday, then on Thursday we can offer to include it in the agenda for decision,” – said paruby.

In the case of the adoption of the mechanism of impeachment of the President offered the opposition forces, Petro Poroshenko will have a chance to try to regain the office on Bankova street before the next election.

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