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Poroshenko made a loud statement about Ukraine’s membership in NATO and the EU

Порошенко сделал громкое заявление о членстве Украины в НАТО и ЕСUkrainian politician is hoping for a positive outcome.

Ukraine will meet the criteria required for membership in the EU and NATO. The obstacles will be overcome, and the country will change for the better.

The President of Ukraine said during the celebrations on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the creation of the world Congress of Ukrainian.

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In this case, the guarantor is also counting on the support of Ukrainian abroad.

“I am confident that in the future we can calculate the same coordinate and cooperate with the world Congress of Ukrainian in the efforts of our government to defend the sovereignty, territorial integrity, independence of our country, the implementation of our ambitious European and Euro-Atlantic goals, as some politicians inside the country and abroad also do not believe that we will get and the prospect of EU membership and the prospect of membership in NATO,” said Poroshenko.

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