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Poroshenko has called for urgent mobilization

Порошенко назвал условие для срочной мобилизацииThe situation in Ukraine is fully controlled, and declare a General mobilization, there is no reason, said the President Petro Poroshenko.

The current situation in Ukraine is under full control of the state and does not require mobilization, however, in the case of open ground large-scale aggression of Russia it is declared immediately. This was stated by President Petro Poroshenko on Tuesday, December 18, in Ternopol.

“The current situation in the country is completely controlled. Our Armed forces and all law enforcement units ensure the safety of citizens”, – said the head of state during a meeting with faculty and students.

Poroshenko assured that the mobilization will not be declared, unless there is open aggression from the Russian Federation.

“I said that we will not declare mobilization, unless there is open ground a large-scale aggression of Russian Federation against Ukraine”, – said the President.

According to him, in this case he had “all the decrees on mobilization harvested” and not have to “run and ask permission” at the Verkhovna Rada on the Declaration of mobilization.

The President also recalled the situation in the Ukrainian Parliament during the consideration of the decree on introduction of martial law, when some MPs proposed to conduct a survey about whether to introduce martial law or not.

“And then – polls – to protect us the state or not. So they represent the protection of the state. The defense of the state rests upon the shoulders of the Supreme commander, he is responsible before the Ukrainian people. I assure you, I have acted, and will act decisively to defend the Ukrainian state and having the army, we will act effectively,” assured the President.

In addition, he recalled that currently, the conscripts in the area of operations of the combined forces in the Donbas not going.

“They are engaged only in combat training and training, but if one of them expresses a desire to sign a contract, undergo appropriate training, only in this case, voluntarily, he can take part in environmental protection”, – said Poroshenko.

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