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Poroshenko called on the G7 countries not to weaken sanctions against Russia

Порошенко призвал страны G7 не ослаблять санкций против РФThe President compared Russia with an insatiable crocodile, urging G7 countries to keep sanctions against Moscow.

President Petro Poroshenko has urged the group of seven countries to maintain sanctions against Russia, comparing it with “the crocodile”.

“History teaches us that appeasement leads to more aggression. The more you feed the crocodile, the more he will need food,” – he wrote in article published by Politico on the day of the G7 summit in Italy.

The President noted that only from a position of strength can protect a sustainable peace and restore stability.

“The G7 club of leading States and world leaders, from which Russia was expelled with a shame – clearly has the ability to meet the aggressor. We cannot allow the Kremlin had washed the blood off of his hands and ran away from responsibility for the theft of Crimea and for what brought the war in the Donbass”, – he stressed.

According to him, if the West really thinks about the world and the world order, then you need to keep in mind that the restoration of normal relations with Moscow goes through Kiev.

“Russia should fulfill the Minsk agreement, particularly conditions relating to safety. She needs to return Crimea to Ukraine and to restore its territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders.”, – wrote the President.

Poroshenko also believes that Moscow has openly demonstrated its willingness to strike and the West faces a choice between a response with a proportional response or a continuation of half measures.

“The Western world must take joint action and stand together to protect their values and respect for international law… Delays and soothing half-measures are not only ineffective but also dangerous,” he said.

The President stressed that Russia continues its aggressive campaign if the West is not forcing her to do so.

“A new generation of Russian hybrid warfare is gaining momentum. And its implications extend beyond Ukraine. The tentacles of the Kremlin reaches the throat of the key centers of Europe and its overseas allies,” he added.

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